International Collaboration on Patellofemoral Instrumented Stress-Testing Device Provides Accurate, Objective Information

Collaboration between physicians and scientists is an essential element of advancement and innovation in orthopedics. Elizabeth Arendt, MD, professor and department vice chair, is a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon and patellofemoral expert whose research has generated international interest. 

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Heather Bergeson, MD, Promotes Awareness of Youth Sports Culture and Compassionate Care

The idea that “practice makes perfect” might be pushing young athletes in the U.S. too far, according to Heather Bergeson, MD, adjunct assistant professor and primary care sports medicine specialist at TRIA Orthopedic Center. In her practice, she sees many preventable overuse injuries and has been actively working to educate parents, coaches, and physicians about the dangers of professionalized youth sports. 

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Minnesota Orthopedist Pioneers Sports Medicine as a Subspecialty

Robert Hunter’s family loves the Minnesota Gophers. In fact, when he was born at the University of Minnesota Medical Center on a Saturday in 1949, his father was at the Gophers football game.

“My mom wasn’t angry at him for being at the game, she was angry because she couldn’t go to the game,” Hunter says with a chuckle.

Little did they know that Dr. Hunter would eventually be an orthopedic surgeon at the same hospital and pioneer sports medicine as a subspecialty.

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No Grand Rounds: Children's Orthopedic Trauma Summit Speaker Terry Light, MD

*Grand Rounds will NOT be held at the 2512 Building on Friday, October 25*

We welcome you to attend the Children's Orthopaedic Trauma Summit at the Minnesota History Center on Friday, October 25
Special guest speaker, Terry Light, MD, will be presenting on "Distal Radius and Ulna Physeal Fractures and Treatment of Sequelae"
There will be NO required registration fee. 

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