Interdisciplinary Innovation Brings 3D/Virtual Reality Training to Orthopedic Residents

In orthopedic surgery residency, practice makes perfect. Trainees learn how to perform procedures through a combination of in-person training with faculty, practicing on cadavers and exploring anatomy in a simulated environment using sawbones or orthopedic models. Some elective procedures and clinics have been limited during the COVID-19 pandemic, as have simulation environments, and as a result, medical students, residents and fellows have less time in the operating room.

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Associate Professor Alicia Harrison, MD, Leading the Way in Orthopedic Education

EXCELLING IN THE MEDICAL FIELD runs in the family of Associate Professor Alicia Harrison, MD. Her father, a general critical care surgeon, and her mother, an obstetrics registered nurse, exposed her to the world of medicine while growing up in Kansas. In fact, many in Harrison’s family, including her grandmother, an oncology nurse, pursued careers in patient care. Initially, Harrison considered following in her father’s footsteps as a general surgeon.

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Fourth-year Resident Wins at AAOS, Works to Increase Medical Student Interest in Orthopedics

FOR LAUREN CASNOVSKY, MD, PGY-4, orthopedics has always been a passion. As a child she had metatarsus adductus, a common foot condition that causes the front half of the foot to turn inward, which wasn’t corrected with casting. This resulted in her first orthopedic surgery. “I knew since I was five that I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon,” she recalls. 

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