Current Research

With a background in biostatistics and cancer epidemiology, Dr. Vogel works collaboratively on many projects focusing on cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship (see publications for examples of recent work).  Her own research, however, focuses on a wide range of issues facing people diagnosed with and treated for cancer.

GOLD Survivorship Cohort

The purpose of this study is to prospectively establish a cohort of gynecologic cancer survivors seen by gynecologic oncologists at the University of Minnesota. Data collection will include an ongoing analysis of QOL measured at multiple time points. 

Collaborators: Mustafa al’AbsiAnne BlaesSusan Everson-RoseMelissa GellerDorothy Hatsukami, Jeffrey Kendall, Moto Nakajima, Deanna Teoh

Gynecologic Oncology Patient and Research Database

The goal of this study is to determine the feasibility of establishing a research database of patients diagnosed with cancer at the Gynecologic Oncology clinic at the University of Minnesota. 

Collaborators: Deanna Teoh, Colleen RivardBritt Erickson

Risk Factors of ‘Chemo Brain’ among Women Treated for Ovarian Cancer

This study aimed to identify factors which can be used to help predict which women with ovarian cancer may experience “chemo brain”.  Once we can identify those at highest risk for "chemo brain", individuals can be screened prior to treatment and may consider alternate therapies, prevention and/or treatment approaches.

Collaborators: Melissa GellerDorothy HatsukamiDeAnn LazovichChap Le

Comparison of quality of life and health behaviors between melanoma survivors and controls

The goal of work was to document the long-term effects of melanoma diagnosis and treatment on survivors and compare their quality of life and health behaviors with population controls. 

Collaborators: DeAnn LazovichKristin AndersonAnne BlaesHeather Nelson