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Melanoma & Immunotherapy eXperience Study

Melanoma & Immunotherapy eXperience Study

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Significant advances in cancer therapy, namely immunotherapies, have drastically improved the survival rates of individuals diagnosed with advanced-stage melanoma over the past decade. Data on adverse events and quality of life (QOL) are available on those with advanced-stage melanoma while undergoing experimental treatments, however, little is known about specific survivorship issues faced by those who received treatment outside of a clinical trial or who have survived many years. Without a clear understanding of real-world treatment patterns and the long-term and late effects of diagnosis and treatment, we will be unable to develop guidelines and interventions to fully support this rapidly growing population. Importantly, while the use of these therapies have now become standard of care in the treatment of melanoma, they are quickly being approved for other cancers, making the information learned from this population highly relevant to all cancer patients receiving immunotherapies.

This pilot study aims to gatherĀ preliminary data regarding adverse events and quality of life among individuals with melanoma treated with immunotherapy and will serve as the basis for a larger study.

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