Musculoskeletal Research Symposium

2017 Musculoskeletal Research Symposium

Poster Presentations

"Three point bending mechanics of lumbar facet capsular ligaments" - Emily Bermel

"Myocyte Enhancer Factor 2 (MEF2) A and D Promote Osteoclast Differentiation" - Nick Blixt *Award-winning Poster*    


2017 Musculoskeletal Research Symposium 
October 4, 2017

Invited Presentations from Current T32 Trainees: 

Mayo Clinic T32 Trainees—moderated by Drs. Hugo Giambini and Nathan Schilaty

Christina Webber, Mayo Clinic MSK T32 Pre‐Doctoral Trainee
“Explorations into Daily Upper Extremity Activity”

Joe Mozingo, Mayo Clinic MSK T32 Pre‐Doctoral Trainee
“Development of an Imaging-Based Approach for Quantification of Shoulder Motion during Manual Wheelchair Use”

Rena Hale, Ph. D., Mayo Clinic MSK T32 Post‐Doctoral Trainee
“The effect of knee kinematics on ACL strain: an in vitro study”

University of Minnesota T32 Trainees—moderated by Drs. Liz Bradley and Kim Mansky

Coco Le, Ph. D. University of Minnesota MSK T32 Post‐doctoral Trainee
“Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation and Enzyme Replacement Therapy Rescue Muscle and Bone Weakness in Hurler Mice”

Branden Smeester, University of Minnesota MSK T32 Pre‐Doctoral Trainee
“Semaphorins and Plexins are Novel Therapeutic Targets in Osteosarcoma”

John Looft, Ph. D. University of Minnesota MSK T32 Post‐Doctoral Trainee
“Stress and Strain in the Supraspinatus Tendon during a Simulated Functional Reach Task”

Keynote Speaker: Chris Evans, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Professor of Orthopedics and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
“Getting Orthopaedic Gene Therapy into the Clinic”

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