Develop a Budget

University of Minnesota Budgeting Resources

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)
The University of Minnesota’s SPA has information on research forms, rates, and other resources. SPA should be involved early on in the budgeting process for projects that will receive grant funding.

Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS)
EGEMS is a series of online databases that you can use to complete proposal forms for submission to sponsors as well as University forms related to sponsored projects or research. Budgets can be created in EGMS so that standard rates for UMN personnel, overhead, and Fairview medical service costs are automatically entered.

Surgical Administrative Center (SAC)
The supervising accountants for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery are housed within SAC. They can be useful in reviewing budgets and monitoring spending on sponsored projects. Orthopaedic surgery’s contacts at SAC are Sanoa Hagen and Randa Rosby.

Research Conducted Using Fairview Resources

OnCore is the University of Minnesota’s clinical trial management system. OnCore is used in conjunction with EPIC as a communication tool between UMN researchers, Fairview, and UMP staff for pricing provider services and billing compliance purposes. Study teams can track research subjects, visits, and procedures for the study. OnCore can also aid in the budget development process by providing researchers with accurate pricing information for all Fairview services.

Fairview Research Administration
Fairview Research Administration is experienced with the details of research requirements and is the first point of contact for research occurring within Fairview Health Services. Their website contains information on accounts and billing and research agreements and contracts.