Prepare Grant Proposal & Submit Funding Application

Plan for Your Submission Deadlines

UMN Sponsored Projects Administration Deadline Information
The University of Minnesota’s SPA submits proposals to external entities for financial support in the form of a contract or grant. Proposals must be delivered to SPA at least three working days prior to a sponsor’s deadline. For more information on the role of SPA in the submission process, please read these FAQ’s.

UMN SPA Deadline Calculator
Use this tool to calculate when a proposal should be submitted to SPA based on the sponsor’s deadline.

Developing Your Proposal

UMN Orthopedic Surgery Proposal Resources
The Department of Orthopedic Surgery provides support for investigators submitting grant proposals. Joan Bechtold, the department's research director, can help connect investigators with these resources and provide feedback on proposal ideas. Tanya Doble manages grant submissions and should be contacted early on in the proposal process.

UMN Sponsored Projects Administration Proposal Development Guide
This site offers information on proposal development and includes labor and non-labor-related proposal development concerns. SPA also offers a training program for the pre-award and post-award. For a list of courses offered, please click here.

CTSI Study Planning
CTSI offers complimentary study planning services. The Research Preparation Group can help investigators with study consultations, assistance with protocol development, connections to other CTSI resources, and project planning services.

NIH Proposal Development Resources
The NIH offers resources and instructions for completing the various components of grant proposals. This site contains information on formatting attachmentspage limitsdata tablesreference letters, and NIH biosketches.

NIH Grants Process Overview
This NIH site provides information about the steps required for an application to proceed from planning and submission through to award and closeout.

NIH Extramural Nexus
The NIH Extramural Nexus provides regular updates on NIH grants, policies, and activities that impact the entire grants community.

Submitting Your Proposal

UMN Orthopedic Proposal Submission
The Department of Orthopedic Surgery provides support for investigators submitting grant proposals. Tanya Doble manages grant submissions and is able to submit proposals to the UMN Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) for review.

UMN Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)
SPA is the University of Minnesota’s system-wide office authorized to submit research proposals and receive awards from external sources on behalf of the Board of Regents. SPA’s roles and responsibilities include assisting faculty in submitting proposals and getting grants, accepting awards and assuring they are administered consistently with sponsor and Board of Regents policies, and mediating the grant process. SPA also has a useful page with frequently requested institutional information needed when preparing grants.