Determine Study Feasibility

Sample Size Calculations

Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center 
The CTSI Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center can provide power analysis services. Funds for these resources can be obtained through the Research Committee or through external grants.

Recruitment Feasibility

The i2b2 cohort discovery tool is a self-service tool that allows you to determine if there is a cohort of patients in CTSI’s clinical data repository that meets your criteria of interest.

Orthopedic Surgery Coders
The Department of Orthopedic Surgery coders can provide CPT codes for various medical conditions and procedures. They can also help determine the number of patients that have been treated with certain procedures in orthopedic surgery. Please contact Toddie Tastad for help with these requests. 

Departmental Resources

Paul Lender is able to help with statistical analysis for research projects conducted in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery.