Review Regulatory and Training Requirements


CITI Training
Researchers and research personnel are required by the IRB to complete the appropriate Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) course. For questions or assistance with CITI training, please contact Chris Wright

HIPPA Training
The University of Minnesota requires compliance with HIPPA. Individuals doing research involving patient information must complete HIPPA training as well as University Information Security Awareness Training. Instructions for accessing these trainings can be found here

Fairview Research
Individuals who are not Fairview staff and need to access Fairview medical records for research purposes do so by completing a NERS application and the corresponding required training. For help with your NERS request, please contact Chris Wright

UMN Training Record

MyU Reporting Center
This tool allows University faculty, employees, and students to see a record of all completed training maintained by University Information Management Systems. This information can be found on the MyU page under the Key Links heading.

ULearn Learning Management System
This tool allows University employees and non-employee collaborators to view their employee training record. This record is managed by the Office of Human Resources.

Research Education Reports
This database shows a record of responsible conduct of research and human subjects protection training.

Address Ethical Issues

Core Commitments 
The Office of the Vice President for Research has developed a set of Core Commitments for research conducted at the University of Minnesota. These Core Commitments represent our shared responsibility to protect research participants, uphold the highest ethical standards, and improve our practice at every step.

IRB Guidance for Protection of Human Research Participants 
The University of Minnesota IRB has useful information related to ethical concerns, including recruitmentinformed consent, and conflict of interest.

Center for Bioethics
The University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics offers courses and seminars in bioethics, as well as help with literature searches related to topics in bioethics.