Inclusion Campaigns

No Hate Campaign

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council launched a 2018 Pediatric-focused revival of the former campus-wide "No Hate" campaign. Join us in creating a welcoming, safe, and respectful workplace and community for all by wearing a button. 

no hate

When wearing this button, consider these things we each can do to create a welcoming, safe and respectful campus for all:  

  • We can respect each other.
  • We can treat each other with human decency.
  • We can promote healing.
  • We can help each other.
  • We can intentionally reflect on our own roles and power and show up in collaboration with people who have been marginalized.
  • We can stand together for respect, for each person’s right to be here to learn, to work, to teach.
  • We can aspire to create an amazing world together.
Pick-up your button and sticker at the following locations:
  • Pediatric Department Head's Office - MB665 East Building, West Bank
  • Dr. Catherine Bendel's Office - MB626 East Building, West Bank 
  • From EDIC members across campus

Pronoun Sticker Campaign


Pronoun stickers were purchased by the EDIC to foster inclusion and awareness of the transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender non-binary people in our community. Faculty, staff, and trainees are encouraged to pick up the pronoun sticker that they identify with and place it on their badge. All are welcome here.

  • they/them
  • she/her
  • he/him
  • xe/xem
  • ze/zir
  • Fill in your pronouns