No Hate Campaign

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council launched a 2018 Pediatric-focused revival of the former campus-wide "No Hate" campaign. Join us in creating a welcoming, safe, and respectful workplace and community for all by wearing a button. 

Pick-up your button at the following locations:
  • Pediatric Department Head's Office - MB665 East Building, West Bank
  • Dr. Catherine Bendel's Office - MB626 East Building, West Bank
  • EDI Administrative Assistant's Office - MB613 East Building, West Bank
  • OPs Finance & Accounting Office - 13-106 PWB, East Bank
  • OPs Human Resources Office - 717 Delaware, 3rd Floor, East Bank 
  • From EDIC members across campus
no hate

When wearing this button, consider these things we each can do to create a welcoming, safe and respectful campus for all:  

  • We can respect each other.
  • We can treat each other with human decency.
  • We can promote healing.
  • We can help each other.
  • We can intentionally reflect on our own roles and power and show up in collaboration with people who have been marginalized.
  • We can stand together for respect, for each person’s right to be here to learn, to work, to teach.
  • We can aspire to create an amazing world together.

Are you wearing a "No Hate" button and are willing to help us learn why? Take a brief survey.