Guide for Pediatricians and Scholars (GPS)

gpsThe GPS is an administrative resource for Department of Pediatrics faculty, created by Dr. Toni Moran and faculty colleagues. The GPS is reviewed in its entirety annually.

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GPS Section (Click to Access) Section Manager
A. Administration and Personnel Lavon Anderson
B. Finance Ashley Schempp
C. Personal Professional Issues Ashley Schempp
D. Medical Legal Nancy Lamo, Ruth Flynn, and Sara DeSanto
E. Clinical Service Sarah Jane Schwarzenberg and Sam Gupta
F. Promotion and Tenure Julia Steinberger and Jill Hodsdon
G. Research and Scholarship Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari and Jennifer Goldfarb
H. Mentorship, Teaching, and Education Iris Borowsky
I. Global Health Cindy Howard
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Additional Notes:

Many people contributed to this document including Lavon Anderson, Beth Andrews, Cathy Bendel, Brad Benson, Sue Berry, Emily Borman-Shoap, Iris Borowsky, Chris Boys, Sarah Cusick, Nadir Demirel, Sara DeSanto, Naomi Duke, Sara Duxbury, Debra Dykhuis, Gwen Fischer, Ruth Flynn, Rebecca Foell, Amanda Galster, Carrie George, Emily Gray, Amy Gross, Sam Gupta, Nancy Harper, Jill Hodsdon, Susan Hauber, Cindy Howard, Robin Irwin, Abe Jacob, Aaron Kelly, Nancy Lamo, Linda Linnerud, Carole Maendel, Kerri Miller, Toni Moran, Joe Neglia, Stephanie Nelson, Linda Neumann, Andrew Olson, Erin Osterholm, Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, Mike Pitt, Raghu Rao, Sarah Jane Schwarzenberg, Peg Semrud-Clikeman, Kari Schneider, Cliff Steer, Muna Sunni, Rob Super, Katie Van Geem, Rich Vehe, and Chris Wright.

The GPS not an exhaustive list.  It is meant to be easily updated on a regular basis, to be as current and as helpful as possible for faculty. Please help us keep it useful to you and your colleagues by sending us your feedback, questions, concerns, updates, corrections, suggestions or tips.  

Future suggestions or additional questions to be added to the GPS should be sent to Toni Moran at