How to Apply

The Graduate Program in Pharmacology (GPP) is now the Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MPaT) Graduate Program. Please select either the MPaT PhD or MPaT MS program for your Fall 2023 application.


The Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MPaT) Graduate Program no longer accepts the GRE test. Please do not report your GRE score on your application.

Applications for the 2023-24 academic year are now closed. Applications must be submitted by December 2nd, 2023 for admission the following year. The Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MPaT) Graduate Program only admits students in the fall term. All application requirements, including payment of the application fee, must be fulfilled before applications are reviewed.

Please read and follow the instructions below to prepare your application, and note that the Graduate School now requires that all materials are submitted electronically. The application and more detailed information can be found here.

Required information


Required fields: Personal Information, Application Information, Educational Background, Languages, Awards and Activities, Residence Information, Financial Support, Application Statement, and Recommendations. 

Optional fields: All other fields are optional, but will be taken into consideration if submitted. Please do not submit a Writing Sample. The citation of your publications on your Resume or Curriculum Vitae will suffice.

Letters of recommendation

The Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MPaT) Graduate Program requires three letters of recommendation supporting your application. Individuals providing these letters should be familiar with your academic/professional work and they should be able to appraise your probability of success in our program. Enter the names and email addresses of your references into the application. The system will automatically email your references, requesting that they upload their recommendations.

Application statement

Please provide a “personal statement of goals” explaining your interest in pharmacology and the Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MPaT) Graduate Program, in the context of your immediate and long-range career goals. We recommend that you comment on your specific area(s) of research interest, whether you have any specific graduate training plans, and if you have identified specific advisors whose work appeals to you. 1-2 page single spaced document.

Resume or curriculum vitae

Please upload an up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae that includes your work history, list of academic honors and awards, and research and/or teaching experience to the “Program Supplemental Information” section of the application.

Application fee

Applications are not complete and will not be reviewed until the fee is paid. Instructions for payment options are included as part of the online Graduate School Application process. The application fee is $75 for US citizens and permanent residents, and $95 for international applicants.


Unofficial transcripts or academic records should be uploaded directly to the online application. International students should also upload an English translation if the transcript is not in English. Please do not mail in paper copies of your transcripts; there is no need for official transcripts or academic records for initial review. If you are admitted, the University will then request official copies of this material. View tips and instructions for uploading your transcript.

English language test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)

In most cases, official scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are required if English is not your native language. ETS should send your official TOEFL score to institution code: 6874. There is no department code. Note that if you have taken the IELTS, your scores must be mailed to the Graduate School. More information on the English-language requirement may be found here. You are required to report your scores on your application, but are not required to submit your official scores until after admission has been offered.

Other information

Describe current registration information, if you are currently enrolled at an academic institution. List all courses you expect to complete as part of your present program. Include department, course number, descriptive title and number of credits for each course.

Other supporting documents

Other supporting documents may include articles or other publications of any research, inventions or creative work you have done.

Optional information

Diversity statement

If you are a US citizen and belong to an Under-represented in Medicine group and wish to be considered for a Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) fellowship, please be sure to indicate this on your application, and then upload a statement briefly describing how your background, experiences, and achievements will contribute to the University’s goal of promoting excellence through diversity of background and experiences. The Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MPaT) Graduate Program Diversity Statement can be found here.


If you have any questions regarding the items on this page, please contact the Graduate School Admissions Office directly:

If you have any questions regarding admission to the Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MPaT) Graduate Program, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator: