Supporting regenerative medicine

Harnessing the body’s ability to repair itself

It’s a medical dream we’ve had from ancient times: to regenerate, repair, and replace malfunctioning, missing, and damaged parts of the body. All that seems possible through regenerative medicine, which taps the remarkable ability of stem cells (“master cells” that reproduce themselves and give rise to specialized cell types) to treat, prevent, and even cure a wide range of previously “incurable” diseases.

With world-leading capabilities at the critical intersection of genetic engineering, stem cell biology, and transplantation, the University of Minnesota is advancing regenerative medicine to treat a number of complex medical conditions—from spinal cord injuries to diabetes, cancer, and stroke.

Philanthropy makes discovery possible

The time is now to harness the growing power of regenerative medicine. Your gifts fuel our early efforts, acting as a springboard that allows scientists to pursue later-stage grants and industry investments and accelerating the research process so patients benefit sooner.

Your support advances medical knowledge and changes lives. Give today.

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