Thesis Advisors

Emilyn U. Alejandro, PhD
Assistant Professor, IBP


Diabetes and Metabolism
3-142 CCRB
Alejandro Lab website

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Atsushi Asakura, PhD
Associate Professor, Neurology


Molecular mechanisms controlling muscle stem cells
4-220 MTRF
Asakura Lab website

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Alessandro Bartolomucci, PhD
Associate Professor, IBP


Stress Pathophysiology; Obesity; Vgf gene-derived peptides
3-139 CCRB
Bartolomucci lab website

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Eric Batchelor, PhD
Assistant Professor

Signaling dynamics in cellular stress responses and cancer

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David A. Bernlohr, PhD
Distinguished McKnight Professor and Head, BMBB


Adipose Biology
7-128 MCB
Bernlohr Lab website

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Bryce Binstadt, MD, PhD
Associate Professor


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Peter B. Bitterman, MD
Professor of Medicine


Respitory Medicine
350 VCRC

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Sunny Chan, PhD
Assistant Professor


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Lisa Chow, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine


The effects of exercise and fitness on insulin resistance and diabetes.
6-156 PWB

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Brendan Dougherty, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor, Rehab Medicine

(612) 624-7466

Respiratory physiology and neuroplasticity
4-145E Jackson Hall

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Samuel Dudley, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine

Mechanisms of diastolic heart failure and arrhythmic risk.
Dudley lab website

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James M. Ervasti, PhD
Professor, BMBB


Molecular basis of Muscular Dystrophy; Role of actin in cell polarity
7-104 MCB
Ervasti Lab Website

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Daniel J. Garry, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine


Regenerative medicine, cardiogenesis, & stem-cell biology
4-112 NHH
Dan Garry Lab Website

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Mary G. Garry, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine


Determining the role of TRPv1 dysregulation in cardiovascular responses to exercise in heart failure
4-117 NHH
M. Garry Lab Website

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Carrie Haskell-Luevano, PhD
Professor & Philip S. Portoghese Endowed Chair in Chemical Neuroscience


peptide hormone endocrine systems in the brain
8-102 Weaver Densford Hall

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Robert P. Hebbel, MD
Regents Professor Emeritus


Vascular Biology
14-102 PWB

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Curtis Hughey, PhD
Assistant Professor, Division of Molecular Medicine

Defining the metabolic determinants of disease in vivo

5-148 MCB

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Paul A. Iaizzo, PhD
Professor, Surgery


Translational Systems Physiology
A195 Mayo
Virtual Heart lab website

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David H. Ingbar, MD
Professor of Medicine


Alveolar epithelial repair and clearance of alveolar edema fluid
350 VCRC

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Manda L. Keller-Ross, PhD, DPT, PT
Assistant Professor, Rehab Medicine


Autonomic regulation of blood pressure and exercise intolerance in chronic diseases.

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Catherine M. Kotz, PhD
Professor, IBP


Neuropeptidergic regulation of energy balance

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Julia Liu, PhD
Assistant Professor

Mitochondrial stress in cardiac and skeletal muscle physiology

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Emil Lou, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine


Intercellular communication via cellular extensions called tunneling nanotubes
420 Delaware Street SE
Lou Lab website

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Walter C. Low, PhD
Professor and Associate Head for Research


Nerve cell transplantation and gene therapy
4-216 LRB/MTRF

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Dawn A. Lowe, PhD
Professor, Physical Therapy


Muscle Physiology
7-106 MCB

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Douglas G. Mashek, PhD
Professor of BMBB and Medicine (Joint Appointment)


role and regulation of fatty acids in energy metabolism
7-160 MCB
Mashek Lab Website

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Joseph M. Metzger, PhD
Professor, Department Head and Chair


Integrative biology of cardiovascular function
6-125A Jackson Hall
Metzger Lab Website

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Timothy D. O'Connell, PhD
Associate Professor, IBP


G-protein coupled receptors in heart failure
3-141 CCRB
O'Connell Lab website

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Scott M. O'Grady, PhD
Professor-Cellular Physiology, Department of Animal Science


Electrolyte Transport in Epithelia
480 Haecker Hall

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John W. Osborn, PhD
Professor, Surgery


Pathophysiology of Hypertension
3-138 CCRB
Osborn Lab website

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Jin O-Uchi, MD, PhD, FCVS
Assistant Professor of Medicine

4-132 CCRB

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Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, PhD
Vice Chair for Research and Professor


Idiopathic pneumonia syndrome; biology of graft-versus-host disease
366 Mayo
Mortari Lab website

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Rita Perlingeiro, PhD
Professor of Medicine


Skeletal Muscle Regeneration and Disease Modeling using Pluripotent Stem Cells
4-128 CCRB

Perlingeiro lab website

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Lincoln R. Potter, PhD
Professor, BMBB


Metabolic and Systems Biology
7-126 MCB

Potter Lab website

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Xavier Revelo, PhD
Assistant Professor, IBP


Immune mechanisms of inflammation in metabolic disease
3-145 CCRB
Revelo Lab

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Hai-Bin Ruan, PhD
Assistant Professor, IBP


Hormonal and nutritional regulation of metabolic physiology
3-143 CCRB
Ruan Lab website

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Elizabeth Seaquist, MD
Professor of Medicine

Impact of diabetes on cerebral structure and function

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Yuk Sham, PhD
Assistant Professor, IBP


Computational Molecular Physiology
3-137 CCRB

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Clifford Steer, MD
Professor of Medicine


Basic and Translational Applications to Human Disease
36 Mayo

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Alena Talkachova, PhD
Associate Professor, CSENG Biomedical Engineering


Cardiac Electrophysiology
6-128 NHH
Talkachova Lab website

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David D. Thomas, PhD
Professor, BMBB


Molecular Dynamics of Energy Transduction in Muscle
5-124 NHH
Thomas Lab Website

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DeWayne Townsend, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor, IBP


Pathophysiology of Dystrophic Cardiomyopathy
3-140 CCRB
Townsend Lab Website

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Phu Tran, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics


Nutrition and Brain Development
PWB 13-210

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Robert T. Tranquillo, PhD
Professor, CSENG Biomedical Engineering


Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
7-114 NHH
Tranquillo Lab Website

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Jop van Berlo, MD, PhD
Lois and Richard King Associate Professor of Medicine


Cardiac Regeneration
4-140 CCRB
van Berlo Lab website

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Jesse Williams, PhD
Assistant Professor, IBP


Innate immunity and inflammation in cardiovascular disease

3-144 WMBB

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Christine Wendt, MD
Professor of Medicine


Pulmonologist and Critical Care
420 Delaware St SE, MMC 276

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Demetri Yannopoulos, MD
Professor of Medicine


Interventional Cardiology
281 VCRC

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Thesis Committee

Mustafa al'Absi, PhD


235 SMed

Duluth Campus

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Lisa C. Anderson, PhD
Associate Professor


3-144 Jackson Hall

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Janet Fitzakerley, PhD
Associate Professor


307 SMed

Duluth Campus

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Stephen A. Katz, PhD
Associate Professor


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