IR-Integrated Residency Resources

Because you won’t be able to visit our campus and speak with our faculty and residents directly this year, we’ve created some videos and documents to help you learn more about our program and our campus.

Current IR-Integrated Residents

  1. Ting Chen, Class of 2022
  2. Dr. Shannon Gerberding, Class of 2024 
  3. Dr. Rina Petek, Class of 2025

Recent IR-Integrated Graduates

  1. Dr. John Pontolillo, Former Chief Resident

IR-Integrated Residency Program Director

Dr. Donna D'Souza, Program Director


Current DR Residents   

  1. Dr. Ornina Bachour, Class of 2022 - leadership and mentorship opportunities
  2. Dr. Yu-Hui Huang, Class of 2024 - TY experience
  3. Dr. Morenike Fanu, Class of 2024 - moving to MN 
  4. Dr. Mickey Hafertepe, Class of 2022- residency experience  
  5. Dr. Ben Levy, Class of 2024- loves his commute
  6. MN Residents Life

Program FAQs 

  1. DR Residency Program FAQ
  2. Hennepin Healthcare Transition Year General Information

Recent Graduates

  1. Dr. Alissa Evenson, former chief resident, Class of 2021- residency benefits and support 
  2. Dr. Sam Payabvash, alumni and Yale faculty- research at U of MN 
  3. Dr. Andrew Evelsizer, 2020 residency graduate
  4. 2020 Graduates
  5. Recent Graduate Placements
  6. Alumni

University of Minnesota Radiology Faculty

1. Dr. Charles Dietz, Radiology Department Chair- Welcome

 2. Dr. Tara Holm, Diagnostic Radiology Program Director

3. Dr. Noelle Hoven, Diagnostic Radiology Associate Program Director  

4. Dr. Jessical Kuehn-Hadjer Vice Chair of Education 

5. Dr. Kelly Dietz, Pediatric Radiology faculty 

6. Dr. Ben Spilseth, Body Imaging faculty and Fellowship Director

7. Dr. Ngoneh Jallow PhD faculty - physics education  

8. Impact Medicine Article: Noelle Hoven, MD


Justice and Equity and the University of Minnesota

1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 


Virtual Tours

1. Interventional Radiology Department (UMMC-East Bank)

2. Virtual Tour of M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Medical Center-East Bank Imaging Center

3. Virtual Tour of M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Medical Center-West Bank Imaging Center

4. Virtual Tour of M Health Fairview Clinics and Surgery Center - Minneapolis Imaging Center, Breast Center, and IR Clinic

5. Virtual Tour of University of Minnesota Department of Radiology (Mayo Building)

6. M Health Fairview University of Minnesota-East Bank Intraoperative MRI Suite


7. Virtual Tour of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR) 

8. CSC Technologists- Imaging and working with residents

9. Masonic Brave Video

 10. Health Sciences Library

Radiology at Hennepin County Medical Center

  1. Dr. Scott Boeke, HCMC faculty and Radiology Residency Site Director  
  2. Leah Hahn, HCMC mammography learning experience

Transition Year at Hennepin County Medical Center

  1. Dr. Matt Young, HCMC TY Program Director
  2. Transitional Year Program at Hennepin HealthCare 
  3. Dr. Yu-Hui Huang, Class of 2024- TY experience 
  4. Dr. Meghan Walsh, HCMC Medicine and Graduate Medical Education 
  5. Dr. Abby Montague, HCMC Pediatrics- working with TY residents