Paula M. Ludewig, PhD, PT, FAPTA
Division Director, Professor


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Associate Professor

Ward Glasoe, PhD, PT, ATC
Associate Professor


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Becky J. Olson-Kellogg, PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA
Geriatric Clinical Residency Director, Associate Professor, Minnesota Board on Aging Member


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Assistant Professor

Brendan Dougherty, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor

(612) 624-7466

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Arin Ellingson, PhD
Assistant Professor


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Sara North, PT, DPT, M.Ed
Director of Educational Innovation and Evaluation, Assistant Professor


I am a Minnesota transplant from Wisconsin, joining the U in 2018. I have come to love the Twin Cities more than I could have imagined, and now "Home is on both sides of the river"! I have a passion for moving things from good to great and thriving in the gray unknown, collaborating toward a vision of excellence to benefit those we serve.

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Jacquelyn M. Ruen, PT, DPT, OCS
Co-Director of Clinical Education, Assistant Professor


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Amanda N. Sharp, PT, DPT, GCS
Associate Director, Division of Physical Therapy, Director of Clinical Education, Assistant Professor


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LeAnn Snow, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor


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Justin L. Staker, PhD, PT, OCS, SCS
Director of PT Research in Intercollegiate Athletic Health and Performance, Assistant Professor

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Associated Faculty

Beth Anne (Cooper) Westepal
Preceptor: Integrated Clinical Education

Matt Arbeiter
Lab Assistant, Guest Lecturer: PT 6283, PT 6284

Iva Carey, PT, GCS
Preceptor: Integrated Clinical Education, Lab Assistant: PT 6221

Kathleen Caulfield
Lab Assistant, Guest Lecturer: PT 6283, PT 6284

Pamela S. Cole, PT, CWS
Instructor: PT 6251

Janey McGeary Farber, , PT, DPT, PCS, ATP
Instructor: PT 6340

Ashley LaBore, PT, DPT, COMT
Lab Assistant, Guest Lecturer: PT 6280, PT 6221

Peter Freeborn
Instructor: PT 6282

Maggie Henjum
Lab Assistant, Guest Lecturer: PT 6283, PT 6284

Erin Katzmark
Lab Assistant: PT 6280, PT 6287

Dan Kirkpatrick
Lab Assistant: PT 6287, Designated Clinical Mentor

William Koch
Lab Assistant, Guest Lecturer: PT 6283, PT 6284

Christopher Kramer
Lab Assistant, Guest Lecturer: PT 6283, PT 6284

Henry L. Lozano, PT, DPT
Lecturer: PT 6282

Pat Maetzold, PT, DPT, MSOT
Preceptor: Integrated Clinical Education, Lab Assistant, Guest Lecturer: PT 6221

Daniel Nelson
Preceptor: Integrated Clinical Education

Susan Novotny
Course Coordinator: PT 6281

Briana Partee, PT, DPT
Assistant Professor, Course Coordinator: PT 6214, PT 6216, Guest Lecturer: PT 6213, PT 6215, PT 6284

Cheryl Petersen, PT, DPT, MS, DHS
Preceptor: Integrated Clinical Education

Kathleen M. Picard, PT, DPT
Lecturer, Course Coordinator: PT 6002, PT 6290, Guest Lecturer: PT 6214, PT 6216

Michelle Reinink, PT, DPT, OCS, CIMT
Lab Assistant, Lecturer: PT 6280, PT 6283, PT 6284

Michael Rodriguez
Lab Assistant, Guest Lecturer: PT 6283, PT 6284

Corri Stuyvenberg, PT, DPT, MA, PCS, IMH-E®
Lecturer, Course Coordinator: PT 6288, PT 6401

Kristin Turnblom
Preceptor: Integrated Clinical Education

Kristina Wolff
Lecturer, Lab Assistant: PT 6283, PT 6284


Kerry Norgaard
Office Administration Supervisor


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Anne Ruud, MA
Graduate Program and Admissions Coordinator


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Christian Sobek
Administrative Associate


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Annette Xenopoulos-Oddsson
Research Coordinator


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Maikha Xiong
Executive Office and Administrative Specialist


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Emeritus Faculty

James Carey, PhD, PT, FAPTA
Professor Emeritus


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