Ellingson and Lab are Recipients of Henry Hess Early Career Publication Award

Congratulations to Dr. Ellingson and his lab members for receiving the Henry Hess Early Career Publication Award from The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)!

Arin Ellingson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Depart­ment of Rehabilitation Medicine along with his lab members, Rehabilitation Science students Mary Foltz and Craig Kage and Research Associate, Casey Johnson, Ph.D., have been recognized by the ASME for their paper titled "Noninvasive As­sessment of Biochemical and Me­chanical Properties of Lumbar Discs Through Quantitative Magnetic Res­onance Imaging in Asymptomatic Volunteers."

Ms. Foltz is a second-year doc­toral student in the Division of Re­habilitation Science. She works in the Minnesota Rehabilita­tion Biomechanics Laboratory under the direction of Dr. Ellingson. A physical therapist with over five years of clinical experience in industrial medicine, Mr. Kage began full-time pursuit of a Ph.D. in Reha­bilitation Science in 2016. Mr. Kage is studying spine biomechanics in the Ellingson lab. Dr. Johnson is a Research Associate within the University's Center for Magnetic Resonance Research. Dr. Johnson is developing new MRI methods for musculoskeletal applications, with a particular emphasis on the hip joint. Dr. Ellingson is co-director of the Minnesota Rehabilitation Biomechanics Laboratory. His re­search strategy takes a multifaceted approach to identify biomarkers of spinal health based on kinematics and imaging techniques.

The Henry Hess Early Career Publi­cation Award was established in 1914 to recognize the best original techni­cal paper presented to or published by the Society during the past two years.