Trainee Health Resources

Your well-being and mental health are our top priority. This webpage provides you with a list of resources to contact in case of emergent, urgent, and support type situations.

National Resources

National Suicide Prevention Line

We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.

24/7 available help, please call 1-800-273-8255

Local Resources

If you identify someone or identify yourself in need of emergent services:

  1. Seek out the nearest Emergency Room

  2. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness- Minnesota)

402 University Avenue E.
Saint Paul, MN 
24/7 Mobile Crisis Team and Crisis Phone Line :
1-888-NAMI-HELPS (1-888-626-4435)

  • Online Mental Health Resource for University Trainees
  • Online Mental Health Resource for University Trainees

    1. Online Care - Doctor on Demand!

    See a doctor right on your smartphone, tablet or computer with Doctor On Demand. Board certified doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists treat many common conditions including:
    -Cold and flu
    -Skin and eye issues
    -Sore throat
    -Pediatric issues
    -Stress and anxiety
    -Depression and mood issues

    Doctor on Demand also offers a free mental health assessment to help you determine if you might benefit from seeing a mental health professional for anxiety or depression. Visit to get started.

    For more online resources, please see the memo, linked here from the Office of Student Health Benefits who administers the Medical Resident/Fellow Blue Cross Blue Shield plan

    2. Learn to Live 

    A confidential mental health service that includes online assessments, self-paced digital programs, and optional coaching at no charge. Programs help trainees with issues related to stress, depression, social anxiety, insomnia, and more. Enter code "UMN."

  • VITAL WorkLife Program
  • VITAL WorkLife Program

    The VITAL WorkLife Program, a free resource generously purchased for all M Physicians for ALL UMN residents and fellows, is now available! The program aims to provide you resources to assist with childcare and eldercare, financial and legal advice, job coaching and leadership training, retirement planning, and identifying counselors for you and your family members.

    -Peer Coaching
    -Finding Joy, Meaning & Purpose in Medicine
    -Communication & Conflict Resolution
    -Stress & Burnout
    -Work/Life Integration
    -Identifying Limits & Setting Boundaries
    -Establishing Healthy Habits
    -Leadership Development

    In-Person and Phone Counseling: Confidential, non-diagnostic counseling with our master’s and doctorate level professionals.

    Legal & Financial Consultations and Resources

    VITAL WorkLife Mobile App: Download VITAL WorkLife Mobile and take control of improving your well being with accessible and personalized resources.

    You may reference their website or give them a call at (877) 731-3949.

    Vital Worklife Flyer

  • Resident/Fellow Assistance Program (RAP)
  • Resident/Fellow Assistance Program (RAP)

    The Resident/Fellow Assistance Program (RAP) is a free, professional,confidential counseling service to medical trainees, and their families.

    -24/7 Resource: When the Sand Creek administrative offices are closed, their back-up clinical service answers calls at 651-430-3383 on a 24-hour basis. Licensed mental health professionals staff this service and provide immediate support and direction in dealing with crisis situations. You can feel comfortable accessing this program at any time of the day.

    -Up to 5 session format. No Calendar year limitation- contact RAP whenever stressors arise.

    -No cost to you or your immediate family members

    -Flexible to accommodate your busy schedule: Appointments are available throughout the day, including evening and weekend hours. Telephone sessions offer additional flexibility.

    -Service locations across the metro area and statewide: RAP is designed to be flexible and to accommodate your busy schedule. You may either talk with a counselor face-to-face at one of many Sand Creek clinical offices around the metro area, on-site at your work location, or schedule a telephone session to meet the demands of your schedule.

    -Will coordinate longer term referral to community resources: When additional counseling support beyond the RAP benefit is recommended and desired, or in cases where more specialized services are recommended, you will be referred to professional resources outside of RAP for ongoing help. In those cases, your RAP counselor will work with you to locate appropriate, accessible and affordable resources, based on your specific needs, preferences and will take your health insurance coverage options into account.

    Phone: 1-888-243-5744 (Calls are answered 24/7)


  • Free and Confidential Coaching Services for Residents and Fellows
  • Free and Confidential Coaching Services for Residents and Fellows

    Are you feeling overwhelmed because of difficulties in training or personal issues? Do you want to grow as a leader and are looking for a development opportunity? Tackling these types of goals in a coaching relationship may be just for you!

    Carolyn Hildebrandt, the Organizational Development Manager in the UMN Office of Graduate Medical Education, will begin to offer coaching services starting on February 3. In these 50 minute appointments, trainees will explore their challenges, identify goals, discuss approaches, and plan action steps. You can self-refer for a confidential session. Information would only be disclosed to programs if desired by the coachee and with their permission.

    Sessions will be held in 2 ways: 1) In person at Carolyn's office in GME (Mayo G254-14) or remotely via Zoom. There will be Zoom-only time slots on Tuesday evenings. To schedule, trainees can choose a designated coaching time slot: Coaching appointments


420 Delaware Street SE, MMC 293
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-624-5621