Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for medical students, residents, and fellows

About the research opportunities website

In recent years, it has been difficult for medical students, residents, and fellows to connect with research opportunities. There has not been an efficient central location for faculty to post research positions or any clear system for trainees to search and apply for these opportunities. As a result, there has been concern from our faculty about trainees’ overall commitment to research, and fatigue among those who have been unable to identify research opportunities that meet their interests and scheduling requirements.

We are proud of the medical students who brought this issue to the attention of leadership. As a result, a Medical Student Research Task Force was assembled to work toward improving the culture, accessibility, and funding for medical student investigation. A Craigslist-style research match called “Medical Student Research Opportunities” was the first outcome of this effort. The task force investigated the needs of our students and faculty and worked with Barb Smith in AHC-IS to develop this resource. The Craigslist-style research tool has recently expanded to include residents and fellows.

Please visit the site to become familiar with its layout and user-friendly functions. Faculty is encouraged to begin posting opportunities immediately. The site should be more robust, with more local opportunities, once our faculty begins to use it in force. By design, UMN ID login is not required so that community partners across the state, and outside institutions, can add postings. Currently, medical students, residents, and fellows in good standing are the only groups that can apply for the research opportunities listed.

The site is overseen by Scott Davenport and the Office of Medical Education. Questions about this resource can be submitted via the “Got feedback?” tab on the right-hand side of the page.

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