Sexual Health Services

Sexual health involves understanding one's own body, a partner's body, and all of the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects involved with intimacy. Sexual concerns may involve one or more of these factors, and our sexual medicine services can help identify and address many of these issues.

Common sexual health concerns that we address include:

  • A significant change in sexual function which is a causing a problem for the individual. Sexual health problems can include:
    • Loss of interest in or around sex
    • Decreased arousal during sex 
    • Difficulties with erections 
    • Problems with early or delayed ejaculation
    • Difficulties with orgasm 
    • Pain with sexual activity; genital pain 
    • Persistent physical genital arousal, without sexual activity
  • Lifelong difficulties with sexual function, which are now causing a problem for you 
  • Menopausal symptoms which may or may not affect sexual function directly 
  • Desire a second opinion on a sexual concern or intervention 
  • Concerns about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections 
  • Address concerns about sexual function and chronic disease, medications, aging, or other health issues

Some of the ways in which the MHealth Fairview Sexual and Gender Health Clinic treats the above conditions:

  • Oral contraceptives and contraceptive counseling 
  • Peri and postmenopausal hormone replacement 
  • Hormone therapy for male hypogonadism (“low testosterone”) 
  • Non-invasive treatments for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation 
  • Non-invasive treatments for sexual/genital pain 
  • Multidisciplinary treatment for libido, arousal and orgasmic disorders
  • Referral to on-site sex therapy 
  • Referral to Pelvic physical therapy for pain and sexual function issues 
  • Referral to Urology for invasive therapies (eg, penile injections) or invasive testing, if indicated 
  • Referral to Ob/gyn for invasive testing (biopsies) or surgical procedures, if indicated 
  • Referral to pain clinic for pudendal nerve block or Botox injections, if indicated