Transgender Medicine Services

Medical aspects of a gender transition are specific to the individual. We partner with patients to develop an individualized approach to the medical aspects of transition that safely and effectively enables people to physically experience their gender across the lifespan. A person may not want or need a medical intervention in order to fully experience or express their gender. We collaborate with patients to ensure that their health needs are supported. Our guidelines for puberty suppression, hormone therapy and surgery are based on the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care.

Specific services

  • Initial evaluation and ongoing management of hormone therapy for adults
  • Initial evaluation and ongoing management of hormone therapy for adolescents
    • Upon referral from a therapist experienced or certified in transgender/gender nonconforming concerns 
  • Puberty suppression for children and adolescents participating in the MHealth Fairview Sexual and Gender Health Clinic's Gender Creative Children and Adolescents (gCHAD) program
  • Consultation on menstrual suppression options for trans youth
  • Counseling on fertility preservation options
  • Contraception counseling and oral conception
  • Second opinion on hormone therapy 
  • Consultation on starting or managing hormone therapy, with recommendations for the referring provider 
  • Consultations on preventative and primary care, including chronic medical conditions, with recommendations for the patient and referring provider