Relationship and Sex Therapy Services

a transmasculine gender-nonconforming person caressing the chest of a transfeminine non-binary personPhoto by Zackary Drucker: The Gender Spectrum Collection

Difficulty maintaining healthy sexual and couple relationships is common. However, relationship skills can be learned and improved—leading to more fulfilling and intimate relationships. MHealth Fairview Sexual and Gender Health Clinic’s Relationship and Sexual Therapy program allows individuals and couples to explore topics and issues of concern to them, and grow as sexual beings and partners.

Whether an individual or couple, providers will assess areas of strength and growth using a integrative approach. We focus on identifying key areas of sexual health including: sexual knowledge and understanding (sexual literacy), sexual adaptation and resiliency, relational intimacy, pleasure oriented positive sexuality, and interdisciplinary care with medical providers. From this space, we treat a spectrum of sexual health concerns with curiosity, acceptance and understanding.

Our therapists have extensive training in providing therapy for straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual individuals. We offer psychological services for individuals as well as couples who are married, cohabitating, non-married, and polyamorous. Treatment includes individual, couple, group therapy.

Groups: Sexual health therapy groups consist of 6-9 women and/or men having sexual and/or relationship problems. Common problems that people discuss include low desire and interest in sex, problems with orgasm, sexual pain, sexual aversion, conflicts about differences in sexual desire or preferences, and relationship problems contributing to sexuality concerns. Group offerings may vary and your therapist will be able to direct you to current groups that may help to address your needs.