Young Adult Gender Services

We provide services for individuals across the lifespan, and have found that young adults may have specific needs. We offer several options that young adults may find particularly helpful such as:

  • support in gender exploration across the spectrum, including non-binary identities
  • support in navigating issues that may impact gender exploration and transition such as: coming out to family, becoming financially independent, navigating gender when living at home with parents, navigating first jobs or college experiences
  • low dose hormone options for non binary and genderqueer identified people
  • trans full spectrum young adult therapy group

Our young adult group meets twice per month and is aimed at transgender/genderqueer/non-binary/gender exploring individuals. Topics covered include navigating medical interventions and transition, coming out to friends and family, exploring where you fit on the spectrum, navigating social transition, managing legal and social aspects, sexuality and dating, friendships, and much more.

Our medical provider provides hormone therapy options, including low-dose hormones. We also provide referral letters to medical intervention providers, such as surgeons, for other medically necessary treatments for gender dysphoria.

Family therapy and relationship therapy are also available. Our therapists are familiar with alternative relationship models including poly and non monogamous relationships.