Study Updates

Update: October 2020

We hope that this study will help doctors better understand female circumcision and how it affects childbirth and sexuality. This will help doctors provide better medical care for their patients who have experienced female circumcision. There are two parts to our study. In study 1, we conducted 75 face to face interviews with Somali women who have been circumcised. In study 2, we will recruit and collect data on 300 Somali women who have been circumcised. They will complete a survey on a talking laptop. This allows participants who can’t read or write to answer the questions in Somali or English. Survey questions will address Somali women’s health, circumcision, pain, and sexuality. Women who complete this 1 hour long survey (at a location that they choose) will be compensated $75 for their time.

We completed data collection for study 1 on October 9, 2019. It took us only 16 weeks to recruit 75 Somali women. Participants met face to face with one of our Somali interviewers at a private location of their choice. The participants were asked questions about their family, their experiences with circumcision and childbirth, their relationship with their husband/partner, and their sexual satisfaction and experiences.

The goal of research is to learn new things about people and the world in order to help humanity in the future. We hope that this study does just that.