2022 Publications

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Child and Adolescent Gender Health

Berg, D., Tellawi, G., Anderson, S. O., & Rider, G. N. (2022). Beyond diagnosis:
Prepubescent gender expansive children on the margins of clinical measures. Infant and Child
Development, 30(3), e2311.

Eisenberg, M. E., Gower, A. L., Watson, R. J., Rider, G. N., Thomas, D., & Russell, S. T.
(2022). Substance use behaviors among LGBTQ+ youth of color: Identification of the
populations bearing the greatest burden in three large samples. Journal of Adolescent Health,
71(3), 317-323.

Gower, A., Rider, G. N., Brown, C., & Eisenberg, M. (2022). Diverse sexual and gender
identity, bullying, and depression among adolescents. Pediatrics, 149(4): e2021053000.


Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Lew-Starowicz, M., & Coleman, E. (2022). Mental and sexual health perspectives of the
International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder •
Commentary to the debate: “Behavioral addictions in the ICD-11.” Journal of Behavioral
Addictions, 11(2) 226-229.

Lesbian/Gay and Bisexual Health

Johns, C., Simonson, G., Hiwatig, B. M., & Ross, M. (2022). Actions and attitudes of men who
have sex with men under past, current, and hypothetical future blood donation deferral
policies. Transfusion Medicine Reviews, 36(3) 152-158.

Stenzel, A. E., Rider, G. N., Wicker, O. S., Teoh, D., Rosser, B. R. S., & Vogel, R. I. (2022).
Experienced discrimination in the medical setting relating to LGBTQ+ identities and
subsequent cancer screening. Cancer Research, 82(12_Supplement), 6237-6237.

Tatum, A. K., & Ross, M. W. (2022). A longitudinal analysis of sexual minorities’ acceptance
concerns and internalized homonegativity on perceived psychological stress. Psychology &
Sexuality, 13(2), 331-343.

Relationship and Sex Therapy

Leistner, C. L., Rosenkrantz, D., Haus, K., & Mark, K. P. (2022). The co-existence of love and
desire: Experiences of bisexual, lesbian and heterosexual women. Sexuality & Culture, 26(2),

Wheldon, C. W., Polter, E. J., Rosser, B. R. S., Kapoor, A., Talley, K. M. C., Haggart, R.,
Kohli,, N., Konety, B. R., Mitteldorf, D., Ross, M. W., West, W., & Wright, M. (2022). Pain and
loss of pleasure in receptive anal sex for gay and bisexual men following prostate cancer
treatment: Results from the Restore-1 Study. Journal of Sex Research, 59(7), 826-833.

Sexual Health and Rights

Bates, A., Rosser, B. R. S., Polter, E. J., Wheldon, C., Talley, K., Haggart, R., Wright, M.,
Mitteldorf, D., West, W., Ross, M. W., Konety, B. R., & Kohli, N. (2022). Racial/ethnic
differences in health-related quality of life among gay and bisexual prostate cancer survivors.
Frontiers in Oncology, 12, 833197. doi:10.3389/fonc.2022.833197

Misedah, L., Ross, M. W., Wambua, S., & Schick, V. (2022). Sexual health and HIV/STI risk in gay refugee men in Nairobi, Kenya: A qualitative study. Venereology, 1, 9-22.

Ross, M. W., Rosser, B. R. S., Polter, E. J., Bates, A. J., Wheldon, C. W., Haggart, R., West, W., Kohli, N., Konety, B. R., Mitteldorf, D., Talley, K. M. C., & Wright, M. (2022). Discrimination of sexual and gender minority patients in prostate cancer treatment: Results from the Restore-1 study. Stigma and Health. Advance online publication.

Rosser, B. R. S., Mkoka, D. A., Rohloff, C. T., Mgopa, L. R., Ross, M. W., Lukumay, G. G.,
Mohammed, I., Massae, A. F., Mkonyi, E., Mushy, S. E., Mwakawanga, D. L., Kohli, N., Trent,
M. E., Wadley, J., & Bonilla, Z. E. (2022). Tailoring a sexual health curriculum to the sexual
health challenges seen by midwifery, nursing and medical providers and students in Tanzania.
African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine, 14(1), a3434.

Schönnesson, L. N., Ross, M. W., García-Huidobro, D., Eriksson, L. E., Andersson, G.,
Williams, M. L., & Ekström, A. M. (2022). Hopelessness and HIV infection: an exploratory
study with a gender-specific perspective. BMC Psychology, 10, 46.


Transgender Health (Adult)

Coleman, E., Radix,, A. E., Bouman, W. P., Brown, G. R., de Vries, A. L. C., Deutsch, M. B.,
Ettner, R., Fraser, L., Goodman, M., Green, J., Hancock, A. B., Johnson, T. W., Karasic, D. H.,
Knudson, G. A., Leibowitz, S. F., Meyer-Bahlburg, H. F. L., Monstrey, S. J., Motmans, J.,
Nahata, l., Nieder, T. O., Reisner, S. L., Richards, C., Schechter, L. S., Tangpricha, V.,
Tishelman, A. C., Van Trotsenburg, M. A. A., Winter, S., Ducheny, K., Adams, N. J., Adrián, T.
M., Allen, L. R., Azul, D., Bagga, H., Başar, K., Bathory, D. S., Belinky,, J. J., Berg, D. R.,
Berli, J. U., Bluebond-Langner, R. O., Bouman, M.-B., Bowers, M. L., Brassard, P. J., Byrne,
J., Capitán, L., Cargill, C. J., Carswell, J. M., Chang, S. C., Chelvakumar, G., Corneil, T.,
Dalke, K. B., De Cuypere, G., de Vries, E., Den Heijer, M., Devor, A. H., Dhejne, C., D’Marco,
A., Edmiston, E. K., Edwards-Leeper, L., Ehrbar, R., Ehrensaft, D., Eisfeld, J., Elaut, E.,
Erickson-Schroth, L., Feldman, J. L., Fisher, A. D., Garcia, M. M., Gijs, L., Green, S. E., Hall,
B. P., Hardy, T. L. D., Irwig, M. S., Jacobs, L. A., Janssen, A. C., Johnson, K., Klink, D. T.,
Kreukels, B. P. C., Kuper, L. E., Kvach, E. J., Malouf, M. W., Massey, R., Mazur, T.,
McLachlan, C., Morrison, , S. D., Mosser, S. W., Neira, P. M., Nygren, U., Oates, J. M.,
Obedin-Maliver, J., Pagkalos, G., Patton, J., Phanuphak, N., Rachlin, K., Reed, T., Rider, G.
N., Ristori, J., Robbins-Cherry, S., Roberts, S. A., Rodriguez-Wallberg, K. A., Rosenthal, S. M.,
Sabir, K., Safer, J. D., Scheim, A. I., Seal, L. J., Sehoole, T. J., Spencer, K., St. Amand, C.,
Steensma, T. D., Strang, J. F., Taylor, G. B., Tilleman, K., T’Sjoen, G. G., Vala, L. N., Van
Mello, N. M., Veale, J. F., Vencill, J. A., Vincent, B., Wesp, L. M., West, M. A., & Arcelus, J.
(2022). Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, Version
8. International Journal of Transgender Health, 23(Sup1), S1-S259.

Dunbar, M. S., Hughto, J. M., Jasuja, G. K., Quinn, E. K., Deutsch, M., Radix, A., Feldman, J.,
Safer, J. D., Thompson, J., & Rose, A. J. (online first, 2022). Considering quality measures for
the care of transgender patients: preliminary findings from a technical expert panel. LGBT
Health, 9(4), 264-275.

Kashiha, J., Ross, M. W., & Rider, G. N. (2022). Distinguishing trans women in men who have
sex with men populations and their health access in East Africa: A Tanzanian study. African
Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine, 14(1), e3428.

Reisner, S., Chang, S., Devor, A., Rider, G. N., Sabir, K., & Radix, A., (in press). Terminology
– Diagnostic Criteria. In E. Coleman, A. Radix, & J. Arcelus (Co-Chairs), World Professional
Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care Version 8. International Journal of
Transgender Health, 23(Sup1), S1-S259.