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Dr. Julie Amaon’s Mission to Expand Access to Reproductive Healthcare

Julie Amaon, MD, is a University of Minnesota Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program alum and the medical director for the successful startup Just the Pill. Since she graduated in 2020 and joined the organization, Dr. Amaon has been working to expand access to reproductive health services.

Rural Providers: Building Trust and Continuity of Care

A trailblazing rural physician, Dr. Heidi Korstad provides insight on the importance of continuity of care and trust. Dr. Heidi Korstad was still in medical school (in Duluth) when she volunteered at Curran Hospital in Zorzor, Liberia. That experience cemented her deep conviction that volunteering and community service would be essential to her medical career. Korstad earned her MD while serving as president of her University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus class of 1980. From there, she went on to residency in Eau Claire, WI, and then to a small (three person) practice in...