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Teaching & Outreach

Giving Back

As part of our ongoing commitment to the University of Minnesota, the University Imaging Centers opens its doors to collaborative coursework, as well as educational and promotional tours of our facilities.

This page provides an overview of our past involvement with courses, tours, and outreach opportunities.

The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal

In collaboration with the Weisman Art Museum the University Imaging Centers was honored to join UMN Faculty to provide content and demonstrational pieces to The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal traveling exhibit.

Santiago Ramón y Cajal, considered the father of modern neuroscience, was also an exceptional artist. He drew the brain in a way that provided a clarity exceeding that achieved by photographs. Combining scientific and artistic skills to produce drawings with extraordinary scientific and aesthetic qualities, his theory that the brain is composed of individual cells rather than a tangled single web is the basis of neuroscience today. This traveling exhibition of Cajal’s original drawings was organized by the Weisman Art Museum in collaboration with Drs. Eric NewmanAlfonso Araque, and Janet Dubinsky, neuroscientists at the University of Minnesota and leaders in the field of neuroscience. Dr. Araque was formerly at the Instituto Cajal in Madrid, where Cajal worked and where his drawings are housed.

The exhibit is organized in collaboration with Ricardo Martinez Murillo, neuroscientist and curator of the Cajal Legacy at the Cajal Institute (CSIC) in Spain. Eighty of Cajal’s drawings, many appearing for the first time in the United States, will be accompanied by a selection of contemporary visualizations of the brain, photographs, historic books, and scientific tools. 


Title Attendees Date(s)
Biol 3001 (CCRB) 14  Thursday, 7 November 2019
Skynet Scholars (SH) 25  Saturday, 26 October 2019
Hosting Dr. Nicolas Plachta (JH) 1 Friday, 4 October 2019
NSc4150 Advanced Neurobiology Laboratory (JH) 15 Sunday, 1 September 2019 to Friday, 20 December 2019
Extension Center for Youth Development 32 Monday, 10 June 2019
PLPA 2001 34 Wednesday, 3 April 2019
PLPA 8401 6 Thursday, 28 March 2019


Title Attendees Date(s)
Biol 3001 (CCRB) 4 Friday, 16 November 2018
Washburn High School Microscopy Presentation 25 Thursday, 15 November 2018
UIC at Microscope Day, Science Museum of Minnesota 50 Saturday, 3 November 2018
CBS Nature of Life Tour (JH) 20 Thursday, 30 August 2018
Plant Pathology 2001 (SH) 34 Wednesday, 28 March 2018
MICaB Graduate Program (CCRB) 15 Friday, 9 February 2018
Biophotonics BMEN 8421 (JH) 21 Thursday, 8 February 2018
MICaB Graduate Program (CCRB) 28 Friday, 2 February 2018


Title Attendees Date(s)
BMEN 8421 (JH) 10 Thursday, 13 April 2017
BMEN 8421 (JH) 10 Tuesday, 11 April 2017
VBS 1001 (SH) 30 Monday, 10 April 2017
CEMS Program (JH) 5 Friday, 31 March 2017
Plant Pathology 2001 (SH) 33 Wednesday, 29 March 2017
MT 3141 (SH) 3 Thursday, 9 March 2017
CEMS Program (JH) 5 Friday, 3 March 2017