In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Imaging Centers have implemented mandatory cleaning and safety protocols for all users using UIC resources. Please visit our sunrise safety protocols page to learn more 

UIC Equipment Reservation

Reserving Equipment at the University Imaging Centers

new user workflow

Creating your iLab Account

The first step towards using UIC resources is to create your iLab account. This account is required to reserve time as well as log into UIC instruments after you've been trained. 

  • All users must be trained by the UIC staff prior to the initial use of the instrument.

  • Users must observe the policies and sunrise safety protocols for using the facility.

  • There are fees for using the UIC resources.

  • Microscopes are available to trained users 24/7 with the following limits:

    • You will be billed for the maximum time between reserved time and actual logged time.

    • If your usage exceeds your reservation will be billed for the usage.

    • Should your reservation exceed your usage time charges still apply for the time you've blocked off on the calendar.

Next Steps

Once your iLab account has been set up the next step is towards accessing UIC instruments and services is to submit a training request.



Video Guide: Starting your reserved instrument iLab session.

Description: This video demonstrates how to log in and start your reserved instrument session through iLab. Written instruction is also available.


Video Guide: Finishing your iLab session and logging out.

Description: This video demonstrates closing the microscope software, finishing the iLab session, and signing out. Written instruction is also available.