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Multiplexed Ion Beam imaging (MIBI)

The MIBIscope System is a revolutionary imaging platform, enabling comprehensive phenotypic profiling and spatial analysis of the tissue microenvironment. The MIBIscope allows researchers to visualize over 40 markers simultaneously with higher sensitivity, resolution, and throughput than existing methods.


MIBI Technology is based on secondary ion mass spectrometry or SIMS. With SIMS, a primary ion beam is rastered across the surface of a sample, liberating reporter ions that are then simultaneously recorded on a pixel-by-pixel basis by Time-of-Flight detection. An ion beam, unlike a laser, enables resolution to be tuned over a broad range—in the case of the MIBIScope, from a few hundred nanometers to 1 micron. Once liberated, the reporter ions, or “secondary ions,” travel uninterrupted at super sonic speed from the sample to the detector, leading to fast acquisition and extraordinary sensitivity.

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UIC Stocked Antibodies

Product Code Antibody Isotope
711301-100 b-tubulin (D3U1W) 113In
714401-100 CD11c (EP1347Y) 144Nd
716701-100 CD20 (L26) 167Er
715901-100 CD3 (D7A6E) 159Tb
715201-100 CD31 (EP3095)  152Sm
714301-100 CD4 (EPR6855)  143Nd
717501-100 CD45 (2B11 & PD7/26) 175Lu
715101-100 CD56 (MRQ-42) 151Eu
715601-100 CD68 (D4B9C) 156Gd
715801-100 CD8 (C8/144B) 158Gd
708901-100 dsDNA (35I9 DNA) 89Y
717602-100 HLA class 1 A, B, and C (EMR8-5) 176Yb
717201-100 HLA DR (EPR3692) 172Yb
716501-100 Keratin (AE1/AE3) 165Ho
717601-100 Na-K-ATPase (D4Y7E) 176Yb
716301-100 Vimentin (D21H3) 163Dy
Cell Type Phenotype
Tumor cells Keratin+, PAX5+, or SOX10+
Blood vessels CD31+
Fibroblasts Vimentin+
Immune cells CD45+
T cells CD3+
Helper T lymphocytes CD3+CD4+
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes CD3+CD8+
B cells CD20+
NK cells CD3-CD56+
Macrophages CD68+
M1 macrophage CD68+HLA-DR+
Dendritic cells CD11c+HLA-DR+


MIBI Tissue Staining Protocol

Description: Protocol for tissue staining for multiplexed ion beam imaging.

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MIBItag Conjugation Protocol

Description: Protocol for labeling antibodies with MIBItags. Optimized for conjugation of 100 μg of antibody with one tube of metal-loaded MIBItag.

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