CMRR Resource Rates

Internal Rates

Internal rates are for funding routed through the University with a sponsored or non-sponsored chart string.

Magnet Name Hourly Rate
10.5T Magnet 500.00
16.4T Magnet 315.00
3.0T-A Magnet 440.00
3.0T-B Magnet 440.00
3.0T-C Magnet 440.00
4.0T 90 cm bore MR scanner 350.00
7.0T active shielded 470.00
7.0T Terra 470.00
9.4T 31cm 160.00
PetCT 500.00
Services Hourly Rate
MRI Technologist 80.00
Animal Technician 50.00


Fixed Rate
Radiologist Scan Review 60.00
MR Contrast Administration 80.00
MR Contrast  35.00


External Rates

External rates are for standard billable service to external customers. A contract/external sales agreement must be in place prior to use.

External Rates

Magnet Name

Hourly Rate

3T magnets 725.00
7T magnets 775.00
MRI Technologist 135.00
MRI Engineer 250.00