Radiologist Scan Reviews

If you feel a scan should checked by a Radiologist or if you are a Radiologist and need to review scans, click the following link to access the Radiologist Scan Review System

For 3T and 7T scanners

1/22/2020: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Until further notice please continue to push dicoms to FV_PACS node instead of the FV_EXCEPTIONS nodes. 

12/06/2019: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: The system has been changed in the following ways:

The DICOM image viewer has been temporarily removed from this process in order to increase security due to evolving interpretation of HIPAA standards by UMN HIPCO. Previous scan reviews with static images are secure and those images will still be displayed in the scan reviews system. New scan reviews must be entered manually and will not have static images. We are sorry about this decrease in functionality but it is unavoidable. We are working to refactor the process to improve security to meet HIPAA requirements and hope to have the viewer back soon.

In the meantime, send DICOM images to the Fairview destination from the magnet for review, then visit the Radiologist Scan Reviewssystem on the CMRR website. Click User, then select your CMRR project. On the next page, click New review for this project to start a new scan request. 

Instructions for Users

Step 1) Send data to Fairview PACS (FV_PACS node) from magnet console

  • Please be aware that if your scan was acquired using only one orientation (typically in the sagittal plane), you will need to reformat at least one of your 3D acquisitions in the other two directions before you send the data to PACS

Step 2) Submit a radiologist scan review request on CMRR website (

When submitting your request please note the following:

  • Location/Event ID (this is the CMRR Calendar Event #)
  • Anonymized Patient Name (This MUST match what was typed into the patient name field on the MRI scanner or it will stop the process)
  • Pertinent Clinical History
  • Description of MRI Series Sent
  • Select a Body Part from the drop down
  • Questions for reviewer (if any)


Step 3) Send email to MR technologists (Matt and Wendy letting them know a request has been entered

Step 4) If the Radiologist indicates that clinical follow-up is warranted you must contact the subject to relay that information and you must log back into the radiologist scan review system to confirm that the subject has been contacted.  

For 4T and 9.4T scanners

  1. Call the radiologist and ask what email address to use when sending TIFF or a JPG images
  2. Enter the subject information into the Radiologist Scan Review System (calendar event id is the patient id)
  3. Add a note that the images were sent via email


  1. Follow the instructions above
  2. Contact the Radiologists:

    The radiologist will instruct you what to do with the subject (i.e. send them home or to the hospital)

  3. Send an email to detailing the outcome.

The current rate for these reviews is $60 / scan.