Our Story

Mission & vision

The Center for the Art of Medicine (CFAM) strives to elevate the role of the arts and humanities in medical education and practice, in order to nurture curiosity and creativity, promote diversity, deepen empathy, develop professionalism, and foster resilience in physicians and physicians-in-training.

CFAM's Story

The Center for the Art of Medicine (CFAM) is one of the Centers, Institutes, and Programs within the University of Minnesota Medical School. CFAM is led by a consortium of medical humanities practitioners, established in 2020 by Creative Director Dr. Jon Hallberg, Co-Directors Dr. Maren Olson and Dr. Ben Trappey, and Associate Director Dr. Anthony Williams. Program Manager Jennie Magner joined the team in 2021, and Dr. Tseganesh Selameab became an Associate Director in 2023.

CFAM sponsors a robust Storytelling in Medicine Program, hosting annual storytelling events and integrating reflective writing and medical storytelling into medical school curriculum. Hippocrates Cafe Productions is the creative force behind the two-time Emmy-award winning Twin Cities Public television series, Art + Medicine

While CFAM’s work focuses primarily on medical students, resident physicians, and practicing physicians, there is also collaboration across the UMN's health sciences community through initiatives like the Community Arts @ Health Sciences program. The CFAM team is engaged in research on the impact of the humanities in medicine and continues to expand work across artistic mediums and healthcare disciplines.

The "art of medicine" with Creative Director, Dr. Jon Hallberg