CFAM believes in the importance of incorporating the arts into both undergraduate and graduate medical education. We offer formal educational opportunities and are excited to expand our offerings in the future. In addition, we continue to partner with the Medical School curriculum team to explore additional ways to integrate the arts into the curriculum.

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INMD 7860: Reflective Writing Elective

The CFAM Storytelling in Medicine program offers reflective writing electives for both medical students and residents who are interested in developing their creative and reflective writing skills. The elective provides dedicated time and guidance for the creation, editing, and submission of pieces with the goal of publication in medical or creative writing journals and anthologies.

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Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a Doctor is an integrated, longitudinal course for third and fourth-year medical students that focuses on empowering students to transition successfully and resiliently into the role of physician.

The CFAM team leads a series of four workshops entitled "The Physiology of Reflection" that provide background data on the physiological and psychological benefits of reflective practice and provide participants with skills, time, and space for reflection. Over the course of the sessions, students learn basic reflective writing practices, explore the strangeness of medicine, discover techniques for managing worries and stress, and experience firsthand the power of sharing stories.