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International Network of tES/TMS Trials for Addiction Medicine

The International Network of tES/TEMS Trials for Addiction Medicine (INTAM) is a virtual collaborative network in science (VICONS) which is an international collaborative group of investigators with expertise in neuromodulation and addiction research.  The leadership core consists of 14 experts in the field (steering committee), and the group has grown to over 80 members from research centers and labs across the globe.  The aim of INTAM is to provide a framework for future research and propose guidelines for best practices in non-invasive brain stimulation substance use disorder research.

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Addiction Craving and Cue Reactivity Initiative Network

The Addiction Craving and Cue Reactivity Initiative Network (ACRIN) is a Virtual Collaborative Network in Science (ViCoNS) aiming at advancing the field of addiction cue-reactivity and craving. The ultimate goals of ACRIN are to improve the methodological rigor and reporting standards for Addiction Craving and Cue Reactivity research studies as we strive to harness these methods to inform our understanding of the etiology of substance use and develop improved interventions. To help achieve this goal, we strive to support a culture of academic collegiality, transparency, data sharing/open science, diversity and inclusiveness. ACRIN has been active in holding workshops, publishing white papers, generating consensus statements and guidelines, and developing consortiums for mega-analyses, to promote the reproducibility, methodological rigor and advancement of the field.