The Philanthropic Opportunity

Donors who support aging research at the University of Minnesota will help fuel iBAM’s critical work—advancing the very real scientific potential of delaying, preventing, or alleviating age-related diseases all at once, instead of fighting them one by one as they arise and accumulate. 

Philanthropy will advance the work of this new research powerhouse by fostering collaboration with other investigators at the U of M and elsewhere, who are working in other areas connected to aging at the cellular level. We need everyone at the table to succeed in advancing the promise of this new model of healthy aging. Gifts from donors will help us go further, faster in our quest to improve the health and quality of life for the elderly in Minnesota and beyond. It will help iBAM researchers pair up on projects with the best cancer or transplant biologists on campus, for example, or the best Alzheimer’s researchers and others, to look together at how aging affects health and disease.

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