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Aging is a natural process throughout an entire life course. Focusing on health and well-being, we study the multiple facets of this process from many angles. This allows us to share insights in understanding how the nine hallmarks of aging affect us and how to manipulate the pathways involved to allow for more healthy aging. Our team and collaborators use mouse models followed by human clinical trials in research and testing pharmaceutical approaches to lessen or eliminate age-related diseases and conditions.

Our goal is to recruit a cohesive, collaborative, and synergistic group of scientists to and within the University of Minnesota to lead research in fundamental mechanisms of aging.

Our Research Program

Research at the forefront of the aging field is now concentrated in the state of Minnesota.

Our Educational Opportunities

We are teaching the next generation of experts in the biology of aging.

Our Team

Meet the team at the Institute for Biology of the Aging and Metabolism.

Dr. Niedernhofer joins a panel of aging experts at the world science festival


Work in Aging - Open Positions:

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