Congratulations to Dr. Lei Zhang on her recent award!

Lei Zhang, PhD, has received the prestigious and highly competitive Sagol Network GerOmic Award for Junior Faculty from the American Federation for Aging Research, which includes membership in both the American Aging Association (AGE), and the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and participation in the AFAR’s Annual Grantee Conference. Attendance at the AFAR conference will foster the exchange of scientific information and enhance opportunities for collaborative interdisciplinary research on aging and age-related diseases. As a condition of this award, iBAM has provided matching funds for the total grant award, enabling Dr. Zhang to hire a full-time technician, will provide substantial support for genomic sequencing, and access to the large mouse core that provides animals and tissues from wild-type mice and progeroid mice in multiple genetic backgrounds at no cost to investigators studying aging. Currently, Dr. Zhang is a Research Assistant Professor within the Dong laboratory in iBAM.