Congratulations to Dr. Robbins and Dr. Niedernhofer on their recent publications!

Congratulations to Dr. Robbins, Dr. Niedernhofer and other co-authors on their recent publications. Check them out!

microRNA-449a reduces growth hormone-stimulated senescent cell burden through PI3K-mTOR signaling - PubMed

A report on the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy 2022 Scientific Signature Series, "Therapeutic advances with native and engineered human extracellular vesicles" - PubMed

In vitro and in vivo effects of zoledronate on senescence and senescence-associated secretory phenotype markers - PubMed 

Local senolysis in aged mice only partially replicates the benefits of systemic senolysis - PubMed 

A rare human centenarian variant of SIRT6 enhances genome stability and interaction with Lamin A - PubMed