Intercollegiate collaboration provides life-saving UV protective hats for children with rare cancer syndrome!

iBAM hosted the XPFSG Medical Conference in November of 2022 and led a collaborative effort with several colleges and departments across the UMN Medical School and beyond. Collaborations include: the Institute for Translational Neuroscience, Department of Neurology, Department of Dermatology, and College of Design. 

As part of her ongoing efforts to raise awareness and support for individuals with XP, Dr. Laura Niedernhofer (College of Biological Sciences) partnered with Professor Lucy Dunne’s (Apparel Design) technical design studio to help design a better hat option for people living with XP. Students designed protective hats for people with XP and also hosted a workshop at the conference to show attendees how to make their own. Check out the full article written by Amelia Narigon!