News & Events

Thomas Naselaris advanced inter-professional education by founding and serving as the Executive Chair for the Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience (CCN). CCN is an international conference for researchers working at the interface of Cognitive Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

A T32 training grant titled “Minnesota Neuroimaging Postdoctoral Training Grant” was awarded in June 2021 with K. Ugurbil (Optical Imaging MDT&CMRR) and Tay Netoff (Bioengineering) as PI’s with Ugurbil serving as the Site PI. Extensive educational activities will be undertaken within this T32 training program where MDT is a critical partner.

The Kara lab published the world's first study on laser standards needed for three-photon imaging, Farinella et al. 2021 Neurophotonic.

Optical Imaging and Brain Science MDT and CMRR were featured in the Medical School’s monthly series: Where Discovery Creates Hope.

Naselaris lab (in collaboration with Dr. Kendrick Kay, Dept. of Radiology at UMN) has prepared and distributed a massive fMRI database as part of an NSF-funded project: led to an article in Nature Neuroscience.