MICaB Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Within science and academia, diversity and representation cultivate creativity and innovation. We are at our strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity. Through collective action, the MICaB Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee aims to recruit, retain, support, and advance the scientific careers of researchers with diverse and intersectional identities. Pervasive systemic inequalities often prevent these individuals from participating and flourishing within science and research. We work to break down these barriers by providing students, staff, and faculty from marginalized communities with the support and resources they need to succeed. Further, we strive to build an inclusive environment that supports, encourages, and promotes diverse voices and ideas within our community.


Some examples of this committee's efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the MICaB program include:


Minnesota Biomedical Undergraduate Research Program (MBURP): aims to assist URM and first-generation undergraduate students early in their career to gain research experience in biomedical research labs 


Peer Mentor Program: pairs existing MICaB students with incoming students to provide support, guidance, and connection within the MICaB program


Scientific outreach events: to introduce young students in the community to science and research


Career panels: showcasing the different careers paths within medicine and biomedical research


Virtual graduate school application workshops: assists applicants in writing a strong application for graduate school and preparation for interviews  


Public newsletter: to increase awareness of DEI-related issues and the objectives of this committee


Public service activities: to support DEI-related initiatives within academia, the University/MICaB program, and the greater Twin Cities community


DEI calendar: to bring awareness on any DEI events, cultural events, and personally significant events


Our goal for the future is to create safe channels for students and faculty to report their experiences with personal or systemic bias, racism, or exclusion within the MICaB program. Moreover, we are committed to identifying and rectifying any unconscious biases in this program that could lead to the exclusion or marginalization of those in our community. Our aim is to foster a more cohesive and supportive community within the MICaB program by introducing various initiatives that promote stronger bonds between the faculty and students. While our primary focus is on the MICaB program, we plan to expand our reach through engagement with the local community. By embracing our community's diverse identities, cultures, and ideas, we can enhance our collective experience and become better colleagues, scientists, and individuals. 


MICaB DEI committee members

Student Members: Brigitte Flannery, Amanda Haeberle, Grant Hickok, Hannah Hillman, Caleb Kim, Nicole Marquez Reyes, Jesenia Perez, Mary Piaskowski, Ethan Robertson, Dani Vasquez Rico

Faculty Members: Dr. Katie Fixen, Dr. Kevin Lang, Dr. Vaiva Vezys, Dr. Julia Willett

Please contact the DEI committee at micabdeic@umn.edu