Degrees Awarded (By Year)

Jake Myers, Ph.D., June 2024
Advisor: Jeff Miller
Thesis: "Investigating the mechanisms controlling activation-induced dysfunction in NK cells"
Maude Ashby, Ph.D., April 2024
Advisor: Kris Hogquist
Thesis: "Characterizing the role of thymic interferon in T cell development and selection"
Hrishi Venkatesh, Ph.D., April 2024
Advisor: Mike Farrar
Thesis: "B Cell Leukemia Elicits a Suppressive CD4 T cell Response that is Reprogrammed with PDL1 Blockade"
Michael Patterson, M.D./Ph.D., April 2024
Advisor: Jesse Williams
Thesis: "Trem 2 regulates foamy macrophage function in atherosclerosis"
Position: MSTP student, University of Minnesota Medical School
Natalie David, M.D./Ph.D., September 2023
Advisor: Mike Farrar
Thesis: "Nuclear corepressors NCOR1 and NCOR2 in CD4 T cell development"
Position: MSTP student, University of Minnesota Medical School
Abigail Gress, Ph.D., September 2023
Advisor: Tyler Bold
Thesis: "CD4 T cell Activation and OX40 Agonist Immunotherapy in Tuberculosis"
Position: Senior Applications Scientist, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Miami, FL
Julia Nikrad, Ph.D., September 2023
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "Development of Novel Therapeutic Approaches for NF1 Deficient Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors"
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Largaespada
Fathima Mohamed, M.D./Ph.D., September 2023
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Metabolic regulation of the germinal center reaction in murin chronic graft versus host disease"
Position: MSTP student, University of Minnesota Medical School
Ruth Lee, Ph.D., August 2023
Advisor: Jeff Gralnick
Thesis: "Increased genetic drift and diversity is a dominant feature of Geobacter multi-heme cytochromes"
Position: Postdoctoral Associate, Santelli Lab, UMN
Minna Ding, M.D./Ph.D., August 2023
Advisor: Kirsten Nielsen
Thesis: "Pulmonary immune response to Cryptococcus neoformans clinical isolates"
Position: MSTP student, University of Minnesota Medical School
Alex Villarreal, Ph.D., June 2023
Advisor: Ryan Hunter
Thesis: "Bacterial Mucin Degradation in the Cystic Fibrosis Airways: A Potential Regulator of P. aeruginosa Pathogenicity"
Position: Entrepreneurial Fellow, Chicago Biomedical Consortium, Chicago, IL
Jordan Naumann, Ph.D., June 2023
Advisor: Reuben Harris
Thesis: "Murine models for studying the mutational processes of APOBEC3-driven cancers and the immune response"
Position: Medical Writer, i2Vision, Minneapolis, MN
Noah Gavil, MD/PhD, June 2023
Advisor: Dave Masopust
Thesis: "Characterizing the migration and therapeutic potential of CD8+ tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes"
Position: MSTP student, University of Minnesota Medical School
Katrina Jackson, Ph.D., June 2023
Advisor: Kirsten Nielsen
Thesis: "Unraveling the genetic determinants of virulence in the fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans"
Position: Post-Doctoral Associate, Nielsen Lab, UMN
Dallas Fonseca, Ph.D., April 2023
Advisor: Kyle Costa
Thesis: "Cataloging Essential Genes for Natural Transformation and Expanding Genetic Tools for Study of Archaea"
Position: Post-Doctoral Associate, Costa Lab, UMN
Meagan Rollins, Ph.D., March 2023
Advisor: Ingunn Stromnes
Thesis: "Revolutionizing T cell Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer: Harnessing the Power of T cell Receptor Exchange Mice"
Position: Post-Doctoral Associate, Vezys lab, UMN
Lucy Sjaastad, Ph.D., October 2022
Advisor: Mike Farrar
Thesis: "Influenza infection recruits distinct waves of regulatory T cells to the lung that limit lung resident IgA+ B cells"
Position: Clinical Research Specialist, Medtronic, St. Paul, MN
Philip Titcombe, M.D./Ph.D., September 2022
Advisor: Daniel Mueller
Thesis: "Epigenetic regulation of T cell peripheral tolerance by a BATF-BIM axis"
Position: MSTP student, University of Minnesota Medical School
Robin Lee, M.D./Ph.D., July 2022
Advisor: Michael Farrar
Thesis: "Transciptional and epigenetic networks governing B cell development and transformation
Position: MSTP student, University of Minnesota Medical School
Sara Bolivar Wagers, M.D./Ph.D., July 2022
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Enhancing regulatory T cell therapy efficacy for acute GVHD prevention"
Position: MSTP student, University of Minnesota Medical School
Kelsey Wanhainen, M.D./Ph.D., July 2022
Advisor: Steve Jameson
Thesis: "P2RX7: A double edged sword in tumor immunotherapy"
Position: MSTP student, University of Minnesota Medical School
Mark Daniel, Ph.D., July 2022
Advisor: Scott Dehm
Thesis: "Detection of AR gene rearrangements and regulation of AR variant-driven prostate cancer models"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Scott Dehm lab, University of Minnesota
Julia (Brekke) Riedl, M.D./Ph.D., April 2022
Advisor: Jakub Tolar, Co-Advisor: Bryce Binstadt
Thesis: "Steps towards understanding cellular therapies for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa"
Position: Medical School, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Stephanie Rhee, M.D./Ph.D., April 2022
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Regulation of T follicular helper cells in the germinal center reaction of chronic graft-versus-host disease"
Position: Medical School, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Upasana Arvindam, Ph.D., April, 2022
Advisor: Jeff Miller
Thesis: "Increasing specificity and overcoming hypoxia in the tumor microenvironment to optimize anti-tumor activity of human natural killer cells"
Position: Prime Medicine, Boston, MA
Alexander Dwyer, M.D./Ph.D., April, 2022
Advisor: Brian Fife
Thesis: "Hybrid peptide-specific T cells incite islet inflammation and autoimmune diabetes"
Position: Medical School, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Bridget Conley, Ph.D., October 2021
Advisor: Jeff Gralnick
Thesis: "Investigating the spread of MtrCAB mediated EET in Bacteria and the mecahnisms of extracellular electron transfer in the heterotrophic facultative anaerobes, Aeromonas hydrophila and Vibrio natriegens" 
Position: Science from Scientists, Bedford, MA
Matt, Jarvis, Ph.D., August 2021
Advisor: Reuben Harris
Thesis: "Delineating the APOBEC3 Enzymes Responsible for the APOBEC Mutation Signature in Cancer"
Position: Senior Scientist, Biosplice Therapeutics, Minneapolis, MN
Megan Smith, Ph.D., August 2021
Advisor: Larry Wackett
Thesis: "Probing OleA Mechanism and Diversity Using Alternative Substrates"
Position: Regulatory Affairs Specialist II, DePuy Synthes, Raynham, MA
Emily Chiu, Ph.D., June 2021
Advisor: Jeff Miller
Thesis: "Natural Killer cell immune engagers to induce optimal anti-tumor activity"
Position: Medical School, UMN Twin Cities
Emily (Irey) Jesser, Ph.D., May 2021
Advisor: Kaylee Schwertfeger
Thesis: Contributions of Stat Proteins To Tumor-Associated Macrophage Function In Breast Cancer"
Position: Clinical Research Scientist, Abbott Laboratories, MN
Emily Pomeroy, Ph.D., April 2021
Advisor: Branden Moriarty
Thesis: "Engineering Human Natural Killer Cells for Cancer Therapy"
Position: Scientist at Prime Medicine, Inc., Boston, MA
Oscar Salgado Barrero, Ph.D., March 2021
Advisor: Kris Hogquist
Thesis: "Constitutive type I/III interferon production in the thymus changes thymic self-antigen presentation"
Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Hogquist lab, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Senguen "Thera" Lee, Ph.D., October 2020

Advisor: Kris Hogquist
Thesis: "Defining the distinct functional roles of hematopoietic and stromal antigen presenting cells in thymus"
Position: Technical Advisor at Ropes & Gray LLP, Boston, MA
Sjaastad, Frances, Ph.D., August 2020
Advisor: Tom Griffith
Thesis: "Impaired Antigen Specific CD4 T Cell-Mediated Immunity After Sepsis"
Position: Senior Clinical Evidence Specialist, Medtronic
Wijeyesinghe, Sathi, Ph.D., August 2020
Advisor: David Masopust
Thesis: "Expansive residence decentralizes immune homeostasis" 

Tucker, Christopher, Ph.D., August 2020
Advisor: Brian Fife
Thesis: "The Divergent Role of Co-receptors and Cytokines in the Immune Response to Cancer and Self"
Position: Medical School, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Fazzino, Lisa, Ph.D., July 2020
Advisor: Will Harcombe
Thesis: "Bacteriophage in Cross-feeding Bacterial Cocultures: Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences"
Position: Technology Specialist for Life Sciences, St. Paul, MN

White, Dylan, Ph.D., July 2020
Advisor: Anna Tischler
Thesis: "Investigating the RegX3-Dependent Regulation of Protein Release from Mycobacterium tuberculosis"
Position: Grant Manager, Superior Medical Experts

Lucas, Sarah, Ph.D., July 2020
Advisor: Ryan Hunter
Thesis: "Bacterial communities associated with chronic rhinosinusitis and the impact of mucin degradation on Staphylococcus aureus physiology"
Position: Postdoctoral Associate, Schloss Lab, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Perez-Kervliet, Carlos, MD/Ph.D., July 2020
Advisor: Carol Lange
Thesis: "Post-translationally Modified Glucocorticoid Receptors and Protein Tyrosine Kinase 6 Modulate Triple Negative Breast Cancer Phenotypes"
Position: Medical School, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Zhao, Xianda, Ph.D., June 2020
Advisor: Subbaya Subramanian
Thesis: "Regulation of Anti-tumor Immunity and Immunotherapy Response in Colorectal Cancer"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Subramanian lab, University of Minnesota

RobinsonSerina, Ph.D., May 2020
Advisor: Larry Wacket
Thesis: "Microbial biosynthesis of β-lactone natural products
From mechanisms to machine learning"
Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Advisor: Dr. Jörn Piel, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

Kees, Eric, Ph.D., August 2019

Advisor: Jeff Gralnick

Thesis: "Life, Death, and Coexistence: Exploring and Manipulating Respiratory Lifestyle of Shewanella oneidensis"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Trinity Hamilton lab, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Breed, Elise, Ph.D., August 2019
Advisor: Kris Hogquist
Thesis: "Evaluating thymocyte negative selection within the polyclonal population"
Position: Medical School, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

McCann, Jennifer, Ph.D., August 2019
Advisor: Reuben Harris
Thesis: "Regulation of APOBEC3B via Interacting Proteins"
Position: Associate Consultant at Lumanity, Denver, NC

Walsh, Daniel, Ph.D., July 2019

Advisor: Steve Jameson
Thesis: "The Functional Requirement for CD69 in Establishment of Resident Memory CD8+ T Cells Varies with Tissue Location"
Position: Law Clerk at Klarquist Sparkman, LLP, Minneapolis, MN
Thiede, Josh, Ph.D., June 2019
Advisor: Tony Baughn
Thesis: "Targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis intrinsic resistance mechanisms to potentiate antitubercular drug action"
Position: Senior Research Scientist at Promega Corporation, St. Paul, MN
Namugenyi, Sarah, Ph.D., June 2019
Advisor: Anna Tischler
Thesis: "Genes involved in Mycobacterium tuberculosis persistence"
Position: APHL/CDC Antimicrobial Resistance Fellow, Minnesota Department of Health Public Health Lab

Cheng, Adam, Ph.D., June 2019
Advisor: Reuben Harris
Thesis: "Counteraction of APOBEC3 Proteins by Herpesvirus Ribonucleotie Reductases"
Position: Resident Physician at University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Mooneyham, Ashley, Ph.D., May 2019
Advisor: Martina Bazzaro
Thesis: "UNC-45A is a Novel Microtubule Destabilizing Protein and Regulator of Paclitaxel Sensitivity in Ovarian Cancer"
Position: President and Director of Grants, Superior Medical Experts

Adamowicz, Elizabeth, Ph.D., May 2019
Advisor: Will Harcombe
Thesis: "Breaking the weakest link: ecology and evolution of antibiotic tolerance in cross-feeding bacterial communities"
Position: Postdoctoral Associate, Ran Blekhman lab, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Reyes, Germán Vélez, Ph.D., May 2019
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "Transposon Mutagenesis and CRISPR/Cas9 Screening Reveal Pathways Driving Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors"
Position: Physician Scientist at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Meier, Lee, Ph.D., May 2019
Advisor: Bryce Binstadt
Thesis: "Defining Mechanisms of Inflammation and Fibrosis in Cardiac Valve Disease"
Position: Medical School, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Kordus, Shannon, Ph.D., April 2019
Advisor: Tony Baughn
Thesis: "The mechanistic basis of para-aminosalicylic acid selectivity reveals antifolate drug interactions"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Borden Lacy lab, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Erickson, Rebecca, Ph.D., February 2019
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Single cell analysis of bacterial communication and gene transfer by Enterococcus faecalis"
Position: Analytical Project Lead, Histology at MLM Medical Labs, St. Paul, MN
Kotov, Jessica, Ph.D., February 2019
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "CD4+ T cell differentiation and help to B cells"
Position: Postdoctoral Scholar, Cyster lab, University of California San Francisco, CA
Kotov, Dmitri, Ph.D., February 2019
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "The role of T cell receptor affinity in CD4+ T cell differentiation"
Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Vance lab, UC Berkeley, CA
Martinov, Tijana, Ph.D., December 2018
Advisor: Brian Fife
Thesis: "Programmed death-1 restrains islet-specific lymphocytes in type 1 diabetes"
Position: Parker Scholar at Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, San Francisco, CA
Rogers, Anna, M.S., November 2018
Advisor: Amy Skubitz
Thesis: "Optimization of mass spectrometry-based proteomic identification of ovarian cancer biomarkers from residual pap test samples" 
Position: Scientist II, Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls at Cardinal Health, Overland Park, KS
Clark, Christopher, Ph.D., October 2018
Advisor: Tim Starr
Thesis: "Characterization of TM9SF2 and WAC as novel colorectal cancer driver genes"
Position: Medical Science Liaison at Sanofi Genzyme, Denver, CO
Beckmann, Pauline, Ph.D., July 2018
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "Sleeping Beauty insertional mutagenesis reveals FOXR2 as an important driver in nervous system tumorigenesis"
Position: Clinical Evidence Specialist at Medtronic, Forest Lake, MN
Nelson, Christine, Ph.D., February 2018
Advisor: Vaiva Vezys
Thesis: "Function and utility of self-specific CD8 T cells"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow at National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
McCurtain, Jennifer, Ph.D., January 2018
Advisors: Ryan Hunter/Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Effects of deletion mutations in aguA on fitness and survival of Pseudomonas aeruginosa cystic fibrosis isolates"
Position: Senior Scientist, Merck, Rahway, NJ
Vanden Oever, Michael, Ph.D., August 2017
Advisor: Jakub Tolar
Thesis: "Regulation of Type VII Collagen in Patients with Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa" 
Position: Scientist at LifeEDIT, Durham, NC
Thompson, Emily, Ph.D., August 2017
Advisor: Vaiva Vezys
Thesis: "Visualizing CD8+ T cell responses to foreign and self-antigen"
Position: Principal Scientist at Stealth NewCo, Cambridge, MA
Brady, Nicholas, Ph.D., July 2017
Advisor: Kaylee Schwertfeger
Thesis: "STAT5 Signaling in Macrophages Regulates Mammary Gland Development and Tumorigenesis"
Position: Instructor in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, NY
Starrett, Gabriel, Ph.D., July 2017
Advisor: Reuben Harris
Thesis: "Converging functions of APOBEC enzymes in viral infections and cancer"
Position: Stadtman Investigator at National Cancer Institute, Washington DC
Hanse, Eric, Ph.D., June 2017
Advisor: Ameeta Kelekar
Thesis: "Metabolic adaptations in proliferating cells and cancer"
Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of California, Irvine 
Elliott, Sarah, Ph.D., May 2017
Advisor: Anna Tischler
Thesis: "Regulation of the ESX-5 Secretion System of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Position: Senior Scientist, Scientific Affairs at DiaSorin Molecular LLC, Stillwater, MN
Schmiel, Shirdi, Ph.D., May 2017
Advisor: Daniel Mueller
Thesis: "Analysis of Adenosine 2a Receptors During the Immune Recognition of Foreign and Self-Antigens"
Position: Senior Translational Scientist at Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc., San Diego, CA
Dillon, Nicholas, Ph.D., February 2017
Advisor: Tony Baughn
Thesis: "Exploring the mechanism by which pyrazinamide exerts its antimicrobial activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Position: Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Dallas
Bennett, Brittany, Ph.D., January 2017
Advisor: Jeff Gralnick
Thesis: "Interactions with iron: Ferrous iron transport and resistance in Shewanella oneidensisstrain MR-1" 
Position: Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Southern California, Pasadena, CA

Chuntova, Pavlina, Ph.D., October 2016
Advisor: Kaylee Schwertfeger
Thesis: "Contributions of STAT3 to tumor and immune cell functions in breast cancer"
Position: Postdoctoral scholar (Hideho Okada lab), University of California, San Francisco

Smith, Michelle, Ph.D., September 2016
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Mechanisms of thymic involution and therapies to prevent or treat the loss of thymic epithelial cells"
Position: Director, R&D Strategy at Moderna, Boston, MA

Shabani, Estela, Ph.D., September 2016
Advisor: Chandy John
Thesis: "Identifying parasite virulence factors and host genetic and immunologic factors that contribute to severe malarial outcomes in Ugandan children"
Position: Scientist II, Editing and Discovery at Verve Therapeutics, Boston, MA

Angelos, Mat, MD/Ph.D., September 2016
Advisor: Dan Kaufman
Thesis: "Mechanismis of early hemato-endothelial development from human pluripotent stem cells"
Position: Resident Physician at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Yao, Chen, Ph.D., August 2016
Advisor: Daniel Kaplan
Thesis: “The Function of Skin Resident Dendritic Cells in CD4+ T Cell Differentiation”
Position: Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Steinert, Elizabeth, Ph.D., August 2016
Advisor: Dave Masopust
Thesis: "Evaluating memory CD8 T cell quantity, distribution and migration"
Position: Research Associate at Northwestern Medicine Immunologist, Chicago, IL

McDonald-Hyman, Cameron, MD/Ph.D., August 2016
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Methods to enhance the efficacy of regulatory T-cell therapies for acute and chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease"
Position: MD, PhD Resident Physician at University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Crabtree, Juliet, Ph.D., June 2016
Advisor: Erik Peterson
Thesis: The function of PTPN22 and the autoimmune risk variant LypW in immune responses to vaccination:
Position: Senior Scientist at eGenesis, Inc., Framingham, MA

Regan Anderson, Tarah, Ph.D., June 2016
Advisor: Carol Lange
Thesis: "Regulation of breast tumor kinase (Brk) expression by stress-sensing pathways in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC)"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Kashem, Sakeen, MD/Ph.D., May 2016
Advisor: Dan Kaplan
Thesis: "Immunity against Candida albicans skin infections"
Position: Resident Physician, Dermatology, University of California, San Francisco

Nomura, Alice, Ph.D., April 2016
Advisor: Ashok Saluja
Thesis: "Molecular Mechanisms of Stemness and Invasion in Pancreatic Cancer"
Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate at Technical University, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Kaleker, Lokeshchandra (Lucky), Ph.D., March 2016
Advisor: Daniel Mueller
Thesis: "The role of anergy in peripheral tolerance"
Position: Senior Scientist at eGenesis, Inc., Boston, MA

Wiesner, Darin, Ph.D., September 2015
Advisors: Kirsten Nielsen and Paul Bohjanen
Thesis: "Induction, Regulation, and Consequences of Type-2 Helpe T Cells Responses to Pulmonary Fungal Infection" 
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow (Bruce Klein lab), University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Levar, Caleb, Ph.D., September 2015
Advisor: Daniel Bond
Thesis: "Redox potential dependent respiration by Geobacter sulfurreducens"
Position: Brewer, Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Minneapolis, MN

Cabrera-Perez, Javier, MD/Ph.D., August 2015
Advisor: Tom Griffith
Thesis: "Examining helper T-cell recovery after sepsis"
Position: Allergy/Immunology Fellow, Brigham and Womens Hospital, Boston, MA

Leonard, Brandon, Ph.D., August 2015
Advisor: Reuben Harris
Thesis: "Regulation of APOBEC3B Catalyzed Mutation in Ovarian Cancer"
Position: Principal Scientific Researcher - Antibody Engineering, San Francisco, CA

Diep, Caroline, Ph.D., August 2015
Advisor: Carol Lange
Thesis: "Progesterone Receptor Isosform Signaling in Ovarian Cancer Cell Senescence
Position: Senior Research Scientist, Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota

Drees, Jeremy, Ph.D., July 2015
Advisor: Janet Schottel
Thesis: Salmonella enterica Typhimurium as a tumor-targeting immunotherapy vector"
Position: Associate Director, Translational Immunology at HiberCell, Minneapolis, MN

Dunmire, Samantha, Ph.D., July 2015
Advisor: Kristin Hogquist
Thesis: Immunological responses during the incubation period and acute phase of naturally acquired primary Epstein-Barr virus infection"
Position: Scientist at Luminary Therapeutics, Minneapolis, MN

Weingarden, Alexa, Ph.D., July 2015
Advisors: Michael Sadowsky and Alex Khoruts
Thesis: "Mechanisms of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation and Development of Novel Therapies for Clostridium difficile Infection" 
Position: Fellow in Gastroenterology, Stanford University, Department of Medicine, Translational Investigator Program

Katerndahl, Casey, Ph.D., July 2015
Advisor: Michael Farrar
Thesis: "The balance of STAT5 and NFkB or IKAROS at enhancer networks dictates progenitor B cell survival, proliferation, and differentiation"
Position: Postdoctoral Scholar at Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Herrera, Jeremy, Ph.D., June 2015
Advisor: Peter Bitterman
Thesis: "Pathological extracellular matrix suppressed microRNA-29 at the level of microRNA processing in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis"
Position: Doctor of Philosophy, Manchester, United Kingdom

Sanders, Leon, M.S., May 2015
Advisor: Steve Rice
Thesis: "A cell-type dependent growth defect in HSV-1 ICP27 mutants"
Position: Medical student at LSU, New Orleans, LA

Brand, Lucas, Ph.D., April 2015
Advisor: Scott Dehm
Thesis: "Therapeutic targeting of intrinsically disordered androgen receptor functional domain in prostate cancer" 
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA

Schenkel, Jason, Ph.D., November 2014
Advisor: Dave Masopust
Thesis: "The distribution and function of resident memoroy CD8 T cells"
Position: Instructor in Pathology at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Welty, Nathan, MD/Ph.D., September 2014
Advisor: Dan Kaplan
Thesis: "In vivo functions of intestinal dendritic cells"
Position: Resident (Internal Medicine, PSTP), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Kotloski, Nicholas, Ph.D., September 2014
Advisor: Jeff Gralnick
Thesis: "Export and role of flavin electron shuttles in Shewanella oneidensis strain MR-1"
Position: Biological Scientist at Pacific Architects and Engineers, Washington, DC

Conboy, Caitlin, MD/Ph.D., September 2014
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "R-spondin 2 drives Wnt signaling and tumorigenesis in multiple tissues"
Position: Resident (Internal Medicine, Research Track), Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Flynn, Ryan, Ph.D., August 2014
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "B cells, T follicular helpers, and germinal centers as facilitators of chronic Graft-versus-Host disease"
Position: Medical Science Associate Director at Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Mahmud, Shawn, Ph.D., July 2014
Advisor: Mike Farrar
Thesis: "TNF receptor superfamily costimulation drives thymic Treg development and repertoire selection"
Position: Pediatric Rheumatology Fellow, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Nelson, Ryan, Ph.D., June 2014
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "The origin and function of a large naive CD4+ T cell population"
Position: Resident (Pediatrics), Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA

James, Britnie, Ph.D., June 2014
Advisor: Tom Griffith
Thesis: "Ad5-TRAIL/CpG Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma"
Position: Medical Science Liaison, Incyte, Wilmington, DE

O'Donnell, Hope, Ph.D., June 2014
Advisor: Stephen McSorley
Thesis: "Eliciting Th1 effector functions: A mechanism and role for innate amplification of the Th1 response during infection"
Position: Scientist, Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp., San Francisco, CA

Litterman, Adam, Ph.D., April 2014
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "Overcoming obstacles in glioma immunotherapy"
Position: Senior Scientist II, ArsenalBio, San Francisco, CA

Hall, Jeffrey, Ph.D., March 2014
Advisor: Yinduo Ji
Thesis: "Regulation of Anti-phagocytosis Virulence Factors by the Essential YhcSR Two-component System of Staphylococcus aureau"
Position: Director of Research and Development at Vetanco USA, St. Paul, MN

Anderson, Kristin, Ph.D., March 2014
Advisor: David Masopust
Thesis: "Essential discrimination of vascular and tissue lymphocytes redefines CD8 T cell responses to respiratory infection"
Position: Senior Research Associate at University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington


Skinner, Nicole, MD/Ph.D., October 2013
Advisor: Chris Pennell
Thesis: "The effect of prolonged gene expression on DNA vaccine efficacy"
Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases

Rathe, Susan, Ph.D., September 2013
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "A study of chemotherapy resistance in acute myeloid leukemia"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota (Largaespada lab), Minneapolis, MN

Pauken, Kristen, Ph.D., July 2013
Advisor: Brian Fife
Thesis: "The inhibitory receptor PD-1 differentially regulates effector and anergic autoreactive CD4+ T cells during Type 1 Diabetes"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow (Sharpe Lab), Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Mehta, Misha, Ph.D., July 2013
Advisor: Daniel Bond
Thesis: "Molecular Mechanism of Metal Respiration by Geothrix fermentans
Position: Principal Scientist II at Roche Molecular Solutions, San Francisco, CA

Skon-Hegg, Cara, Ph.D., July 2013
Advisor: Steve Jameson
Thesis:" KLF2's role in T cell trafficking and retention in lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues"
Position: Research Scientist 6, Griffith Lab, University of MN

Nanton, Minelva, MD/Ph.D., July 2013
Advisors: Stephen McSorley and Chandy John
Thesis: "Protective B cell Responses During Salmonella Infection" 
Position: Family Medicine, Brooklyn Park Clinic and Pharmacy, Brooklyn Park, MN

Zumwalde, Nicholas, Ph.D., April 1, 2013
Advisor: Yoji Shimizu
Thesis: "The Role of ICAM-1 Mediated T cell: T cell Interactions on CD8+ T cell Effector Function and Differentiation"
Position: Faculty Associate, Dept. of Genetics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Veenstra, Rachelle, Ph.D., January 2013
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Tim-3/Gal-9 and B7-H3 pathways act as negative regulators of acute Graft versus Host Disease" 
Position: Senior Project Manager, Medical Informatics & Feasibility, PRA Health Sciences, Raleigh, NC


Gomez, Jose, Ph.D., December 2012
Advisor: Vitaly Polunovsky
Thesis: "hTERT-mediated immortalization of human mammary epithelial cells promotes clonal diversity, resistance to Ras-induced premature senescence and pro-neoplastic phenotype"

Rodriguez, Mariangellys, Ph.D., December 2012
Advisor: David Potter
Thesis: "Cytochrome P450 1A1 regulates breast cancer cell proliferation and survival" 
Position: Editor, Science on the Fly blog, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Tokyo, Japan

Lowman, Xazmin, Ph.D., November 2012
Advisor: Ameeta Kelekar
Thesis: "A novel role for the pro-apoptotic protein Noxa in survival and glucose metaabolism"
Position: Scientist, Karma Biotechnologies, Irvine, CA

Schulz, Wade, MD/Ph.D., October 2012
Advisor: Leslie Schiff
Thesis: “Cellular Determinants of Reovirus Entry and Infection” 
Position: Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and computational health care researcher at Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

Barnes, Aaron, Ph.D., October 2012
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Ultrastructural analysis of the extracellular matrix in early Enterococcus faecalisbiofilms" 
Position: Postdoc, Microbiology (Dunny lab), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Knorr, David, MD/Ph.D., September 2012
Advisor: Dan Kaufman
Thesis: “Engineering Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Enhanced Lymphocyte Development and Function” 
Position: Clinical Scholar, Leonard Wagner Laboratory of Molecular genetics and Immunology, The Rockefeller University, New York

Linehan, Jonathan, Ph.D., September 2012
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "The generation and maintenance of TH17 cells in response to bacterial infection"
Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate (PRAT) Fellow at National Institutes of Health-NIAID, Rockville, MD

Gleason, Michelle, Ph.D., August 2012
Advisor: Jeff Miller
Thesis: "The Functional Role of the Activating Receptors TIM-3 and CD16 in Human Natural Killer (NK) Cell Biology"
Position: Medical Science Liaison, Oncology, Sandoz,, Minneapolis, MN

Albin, John, MD/Ph.D., August 2012
Advisor: Reuben Harris
Thesis: "Human Immunodeficiency Virus Evasion of APOBEC3 Restriction Factors"
Position: Instructor in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 

Pagan, Antonio, Ph.D., July 2012
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "Roles of CD28, Inducible Costimulator, and the Interleukin-2 Reeptor in Helper T Cell Memory Formation"
Position: Postdoctoral fellow, University of Washington (Lalita Ramakrishnan lab), Seattle, WA

Beisang, Daniel, Ph.D., July 2012
Advisor: Paul Bohjanan
Thesis: "Regulation and Function of the RNA-Binding Protein CELF1" 
Position: Resident (Pediatrics), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN

Reed, Johanna, Ph.D., June 2012
Advisor: Kaylee Schwertfeger
Thesis: "Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1-Induced Osteopontin Regulates Proinflammatory Molecular to Mediate Cross-Talk Between Breast Cancer Cells land the Surrounding Tumor Microenvironment" 
Position: Program Manager, Phillips-Medisize, Hudson, WI

Faivre, Emily, Ph.D., October 2012
Advisor: Carol Lange
Thesis: "MAP Kinase Dependence of Progesterone Action in a Breast Cancer Cell Model"
Position: Senior Scientist III, AbbVie, Chicago, IL

Zamora, Edward, M.S., August 2012
Advisor: Jaime Modiano
Thesis: "Dual labeling of syngeneic tumor cells for in vivo and in vitro localization" 
Position: Quality Control Lead, Lift Bridge Brewing Company, Stillwater, MN

Haasken, Stefanie, Ph.D., June 2012
Advisor: Bryce Binstadt
Thesis: "Immunity and Tolerance in the K/BxN Model of Spontaneous Arthritis and Endocarditis"
Position: Proposal Writer at Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer, Milwaukee, WI

Rowe, Jared, MD, Ph.D., June 2012
Advisor: SingSIng Way
Thesis: "Regulatory T cells and the immune pathogenesis of prenatal Listeriosis" 
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow (Sharpe lab), Department of Immunology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Phillips, Stacia, Ph.D., June 2012
Advisor: Wade Bresnahan
Thesis: "Characterization of the human cytomegalovirus tegument protein UL94 and its interaction with UL99" 
Position: Assistant Research Scientist, University of Iowa, Department of Epidemiology, Iowa City, IA

Zeng, Ming, Ph.D., May 2012
Advisor: Ashley Haase
Thesis: "Lymphoid Tissue Damage in HIV and SIV Infections Depletes Naive T Cells and Limits Immune Reconstitution after Anti-retroviral Therapy"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas Southwestern (Bruce Beutler lab), Dallas, TX

Okagaki, Laura, Ph.D., May 2012
Advisor: Kirsten Nielsen
Thesis: "The Production and Function of Titan Cells in Cryptococcus neoformans"
Position: Technical Writer, Cardiovascular Group, Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN

Cook, Laura, Ph.D., April 2012
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Enterococcus faecalis: Bio films, conjugation and regulation"
Position: Assistant Professor, Binghamton University, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Binghamton, New York

Nygaard, Rachel, Ph.D., March 2012
Advisor: Leslie Schiff
Thesis: "Host and Viral Determinants of Respiratory Reovirus Infection"
Position: Surgery Research Director, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN

Larson, Jon, Ph.D., November 2011
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "Characterization of the Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor Genome Using Transposon-Mediated Insertional Mutagenesis"
Position: Postdoc fellow, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

Hart, Geoffrey, Ph.D., October 2011
Advisor: Steve Jameson
Thesis: "The role of Krüppel-like Factor 2 in B cells"
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Odumade, Oludare, Ph.D., September 2011
Advisor: Kris Hogquist
Thesis: "Prospective analysis of the primary immune response during natural Epstein-Barr virus infection in humans"
Position: Staff Physician, Division of Medical Critical Care, Instructor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Akue, Adovi, Ph.D., August 2011
Advisor: Steve Jameson 
Thesis: "Derivation, Maintenance and Functions of Virtual Memory Cells"
Position: Staff Fellow, Government Agency, Washington, DC

Johnson, Christopher, Ph.D., July 2011
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Reciprocal regulation between the prgQ and prgX operons of pCF10, a conjugative plasmic of Enterococcus faecalis
Position: Research Scientist II at Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Salt Lake City, UT

Moran, Amy, Ph.D., February 2011
Advisor: Kris Hogquist
Thesis:" Revisiting the role of antigen receptor signal strength in lymphocyte development"
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Cell, Developmental & Cancer Biology, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR

Sukovich, David, Ph.D., December 2010 

Advisor: Larry Wackett 
Thesis: "Hydrocarbon Biosynthesis by Bacteria: Genes and Hydrocarbon Products" 
Position: Senior Scientist, 10X Genomic, San Francisco, California

Lofgren, Kristopher, Ph.D., December 2010
Advisor: Carol Lange
Thesis: "Modeling Brk/PTK6 Expression in the Mammary Epithelium"
Position: Research Scientist, Gundersen Medical Foundation, Oncology Research Laboratory, LaCrosse, WI

Dietz, Wynette, Ph.D., November 2010
Advisor: Chris Pennell
Thesis: "Enhanced Efficacy of Plasmid DNA Vaccines for Cancer Therapy"
Position: Program Manager, Beckman Coulter, Chaska, MN

Johanns, Tanner, MD/Ph.D., October 2010
Advisor: SingSing Way
Thesis: "CD4 T cells in protection and pathogenesis of persistent Salmonella infection"
Position: Instructor of Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

Griffin, Amanda, Ph.D., September 2010
Advisor: Stephen McSorley
Thesis: "Examining immune responses in a mouse model of Salmonella infection"
Position: Biologist (Animal), Rocky Mountain Veterinary Branch, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH, Hamilton, MT

Lehmann, Ute, Ph.D., September 2010
Advisor: Dale Gregerson
Thesis: "Antigen Presenting Cells in the Retina"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Jena (Thomas Kamradt lab), Jena, Germany

Vang-Dings, Kieng Bao, Ph.D., September 2010
Advisor: Mike Farrar
Thesis: "Co-stimulation and IL2 in Natural Regulatory T Cell Development"
Position: Research Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR

Willette, Mark, Ph.D., August 2010
Advisor: Mike Farrar
Thesis: "The Role of STAT5 in Early B Cell Development and Leukemia" 
Position: Instructor, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

Beckman, Joan, Ph.D., July 2010
Advisor: Greg Vercellotti
Thesis: "Regulation and effects of HO-1 expression"
Position: Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology, Oncology and Transplantation, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

DeNucci, Christopher, MD/Ph.D., July 2010
Advisor: Yoji Shimizu
Thesis: "The role of beta1 integrin on CD4 T cells" 
Position: Radiologist, Vision Radiology, Dallas, TX

Charles, Nathan, MD/Ph.D., June 2010
Advisor: Carol Lange
Thesis: "Membrane and nuclear progesterone receptors activate tumor suppressive signaling mechanisms in cell line models of human ovarian cancer" 
Position: Resident physician, University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, Madison, WI

Weinreich, Michael, Ph.D., June 2010
Advisor: Kris Hogquist
Thesis: "The K, The L, The F, The 2, and The ology"
Position: Associate Medical Director Physician Development Program at AbbVie, Minneapolis, MN

Highfill, Steven, Ph.D., June 2010
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Advancing novel cell-based therapies for the prevention of graft versus host disease (GVHD) following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation" 
Position: Research and Product Development Supervisor, Assistant Director, Center for Cellular Engineering at NIH, Bethesda, MD

Bergerson, Rachel, Ph.D., June 2010
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "Identification and Analysis of Candidate MLL-AF9 Cooperating Genes in Acute Myeloid Leukemia"
Position: Assistant Professor of Biology, Science Department, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN

Zacchi, Lucia, Ph.D., May 2010
Advisor: Dana Davis
Thesis: "Generation of Phenotypic Diversity in the Fungal Pathogen Candida albicans"
Position: Research Fellow, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, U of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Cichocki, Frank, Ph.D., May 2010
Advisor: Jeff Miller
Thesis: "Epigenetic Regulation of Killer Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor Gene Expression in Developing Human Natural Killer Cells"
Position: Assistant Professor, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Johnson, Lisa, Ph.D., May 2010
Advisor: Steve Jameson
Thesis:"Regulation of CD8+ Lymphopenia Induced Proliferation"
Position: Principal Scientist, Translational Medicine at Kite Pharma, Los Angeles, CA

Ballering, Katie, Ph.D., April 2010
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Identification and Characterization of Novel Genetic Determinants of Biofilm Formation in Enterococcus faecalis
Position: Manager, Hassett Willis and Company, St. Paul, MN

DeRycke, Melissa, Ph.D., April 2010
Advisor: Amy Skubitz
Thesis: "S100A1 and Nectin 4 Biomarkers in Ovarian Cancer"
Position: Cancer Genetic Epidemiology Research Fellow, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Hoeppner, Luke, Ph.D., March 2010
Advisor: Jennifer Westendorf
Thesis: "A Lymphoid Enhancer Binding Factor (Lef) 1 Isoform Regulates Osteoblast Maturation"
Position: Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology, Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Gillis, Peter, Ph.D., February 2010
Advisor: Stephen Rice
Thesis: "Regulation of stress associated protein kinase signaling pathways and apoptosis by HSV-1 ICP27"
Position: Principal Scientist, Qorvo, Inc., Plymouth, MN

Wolf, Julie, Ph.D., January 2010
Advisor: Dana Davis
Thesis: "Characterization of the ESCRT Pathway inCandida albicans"
Position: Communications Director, IndieBio, New York, NY


Chu, Hamlet, Ph.D., December 2009
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "Analysis of the pre-immune T cell repertoire"
Position: Senior Research Scientist, Gilead Sciences, San Francisco, CA

Hamilton, Matthew, Ph.D., October 2009
Advisor: Michael Sadowsky
Thesis: "The Use of Molecular and Genomic Tools to Examine the Population Structure of E. coliin the Environment"
Position: Technical consultant for CIPAC, LLC, Minneapolis, MN

Kronemann, Daniel, M.S., October 2009
Advisor: Wade Bresnahan
Thesis: "Characterization of Viral Mutants for the Functional Analysis of ppUL69 During Human Cytomegalovirus Replication"
Position: Clinical laboratory technologist, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Chuang, Olivia, Ph.D., August 2009
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Enterococcus faecalis Aggregation Substance (Asc10) as Liaison Between Bacterium and Heart Valve in Endocarditis"
Position: Academic Information Specialist, Access Med Prep, St. Louis, MO

Winstead, Colleen, Ph.D., July 2009
Advisor: Alex Khoruts
Thesis: "Maintenance of immune fitness during reconstitution from T cell lymphopenia by CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells"
Position: Assoociate Principal Scientist, Merck, Kenilworth, NJ

Kim, Yong Yean, Ph.D., June 2009
Advisor: Peter Bitterman
Thesis: "The 4E-BP family of translational repressors: Sentinels at a translational control checkpoint in tumor defense"
Position: Surgery Resident, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Koch, Lisa, MD/Ph.D., June 2009
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase: A potent regulator of graft versus host disease with potenial therapeutic applications"
Position: Acting Assistant Professor,  University of Washington

Strandberg, Kristi, Ph.D., June 2009
Advisor: Pat Schlievert
Thesis: "Staphylococcal Superantigen Involvement in Human Diseases"
Position: Senior Scientist, Microbiology, Rebiotix, Inc., Roseville, MN

Gerner, Michael, Ph.D., May 2009
Advisor: Matt Mescher
Thesis: "Antigen presentation and T cell activation during cancer"
Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Immunology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Brosnahan, Amanda, Ph.D, May 2009
Advisor: Pat Schlievert
Thesis: "Interactions of staphylococcal and streptococcal exotoxins with vaginal epithelium"
Position: Chair and Associate Professor, Science Department, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN

Kelly, Ryan, Ph.D., May 2009
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Developing novel strategies to speed immune reconstitution following bone marrow transplantation"
Position: General Manager, The Innovation Institute, Orange County, CA

Casey, Kerry, Ph.D., April 2009
Advisor: Matt Mescher
Thesis: "Third signal cytokines and their roles in CD8 T cell responses"
Position: Principal Scientist, Oncology Discovery Biology at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ

Osborn, Mark, Ph.D., March 2009
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Gene therapy strategies for targeting the treatment refractory sites in Hurler syndrome"
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Yang, Jianying, MD/Ph.D., February 2009
Advisor: Mike Farrar
Thesis: "The role of the IL-2R beta mediated cytokine signaling in natural regulatory T cel development"
Position: Internist, Primary Care Doctor, Massachusetts Gereral Hospital, Boston, MA

Gori, Jennifer, Ph.D., December 2008
Advisor: R. Scott McIvor
Thesis: "Methotrexate resistance gene transfer in stem cells"
Position: Director of Program Strategy at Obsidian Therapeutics, Cambridge MA

Zou, Liangxing, Ph.D., November 2008
Advisor: Erik Peterson
Thesis: "Regulation of autoimmunity and integrin signaling by adaptor proteins ADAP, PRAM-1 and C-CBL"
Position: Biostatistician, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ridgefield, CT

Dodge, Anthony, Ph.D., November 2008
Advisor: Larry Wackett
Thesis: "Insights into microbial adaptive potential from case studies of novel functional group biocatalysis and micro-metal interactions"
Position: Research Associate, BioTechnology Institute, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

Guerrero, Faimola, M.S., September 2008
Advisor: Christopher Pennell
Thesis: "Dendritic Cell activation by Mycobacterium tuberculosis Heat Shock Protein 70"
Position: Research Specialist, Winship Cancer Instittue, Atlanta, GA

Bursch, Laura, Ph.D., July 2008
Advisor: Kristin Hogquist
Thesis: "Immunity and tolerance at the barrier surfaces"
Position: Biology instructor, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis, MN

Danhua Fan, Ph.D,. June 2008
Advisor: Peter Bitterman
Thesis: "Genome-wide Analysis for Post-transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression"
Position: Bioinformatics Consultant, Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Cohen, Daniel, Ph.D., May 2008
Advisor: Dwight Anderson
Thesis: "Multifunctional roles of a bacteriophage morphogenetic factor in assembly and infection"
Position: Director, Translational Pathology, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lawrenceville, NJ

Nodland, Sonja, Ph.D., May 2008
Advisor: Tucker LeBien
Thesis: "The Role of Interleukin-7 in the Regulation of Normal Human B Lymphopoiesis"
Position: Principal Scientist, Kerry, St Paul, MN

Woll, Petter, Ph.D., February 2008
Advisor: Dan Kaufman
Thesis: "Lympho-hematopoietic development from embryonic stem cells"
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

McKelvey, Pam, M.S., January 2008
Advisor: Sandra Armstrong
Thesis: "Bordetella pathogenesis and NAD metabolism"
Position: Scientist-Microbiology, Land O'Lakes, Arden Hills, MN

Zhang, Ruan, Ph.D., December 2007
Advisor: Dan Mueller
Thesis: "Regulation of CD4+ T cell activation, proliferation and anergy induction by the E3 ligase Cbl-b"
Position: Senior Scientist at TScan Therapeutics, Boston, MA

Martin, Amanda, Ph.D., December 2007
Advisor: Yoji Shimizu
Thesis: "Regulation of T cell migration and the immune response by Phosphoinositide 3-kinase gamma"
Position: Freelance Medical Writer/Editor, Franklin Township Community School Corp, Indianapolis, IN

Vogtenhuber, Christine, Ph.D., November 2007
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Signaling pathways in regulatory T Cells"
Position: Head of Interface Management, Takeda, Vienna, Austria

Popescu, Flavia, Ph.D., September 2007
Advisor: Matt Mescher
Thesis: "Targeting CD8 T lymphocyte activation for tumor immunotherapy using peptide antigens and cytokines"
Position: Research Associate, Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Anderson, Mark, Ph.D., August 2007
Advisor: Sandra Armstrong
Thesis: "The Bordetella Bfe system: regulation and function in catechol-mediated iron acquisition"
Position: Research Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI

Burchill, Matt, Ph.D., July 2007
Advisor: Mike Farrar
Thesis: "Interleukin-2 receptor-dependent STAT5 activation drives regulatory T cell development"
Position: Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO

Strain, Anna, Ph.D., June 2007
Advisor: Steve Rice
Thesis: "Regulation and export of ICP27 during herpes simplex virus type-1 lytic infection"
Position: Virology/Immunology Unit Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Health, St Paul, MN

Yarke, Cory, MD/Ph.D., June 2007
Advisor: Dan Mueller
Thesis: "Regulation of CD4+ T cell clonal expansion by TCR and CD28 signaling"
Position: Internal Medicine, CentraCare Clinic, St Cloud, MN

Agarwal, Pujya, Ph.D., June 2007
Advisor: Matt Mescher
Thesis: "Interleukin-12 and Interferon-α/β - mediated Gene Regulation in Programming CD8+ T cell Differentiation" 
Position: Data Analyst/SAS Programmer, Minneapolis, MN

Vetter, Sara, Ph.D., May 2007
Advisor: Patrick Schlievert
Thesis: "Two-component regulation of virulence gene expression in Bacillus anthracis"
Position: Manager, Infectious Disease Section, MN Dept Health, St. Paul, MN

Peters, Christopher, Ph.D., May 2007 
Advisor: Patrick Mantyh
Thesis: "Cellular mechanisms of paclitaxel induced pain and neuropathy"
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC

Li, Ying, M.S., May 2007
Advisor: Bruce Walcheck
Thesis: "Role of ADAM17 in the ectodomain shedding of the adhesion molecule"
Position: Account Manager, eBioscience an Affymetrix Company, San Francisco, CA

Hammerbeck, Christopher, Ph.D., March 2007
Advisor: Matt Mescher
Thesis: "Regulation of IL-7 receptor alpha expression on CD8+ T cells and its role in reversing activation-induced nonresponsiveness"
Position: Flow Cytometry and Antibody Development Scientist, Bio-Techne, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sandau, Michelle, Ph.D., February 2007
Advisor: Steve Jameson
Thesis: "The role of interleukin-15 in lymphocyte homeostasis"
Position: Director Research and Development, AFB International, St. Louis, MO

Fraser, Katy, Ph.D., January 2007
Advisor: Steve Rice
Thesis: "The Aberrant Phosphorylation of RNA Polymerase II During Herpes Simplex Type 1 Infection"
Position: Senior Scientist, Takeda, Boston, MA

Schneider Rusch, Lori, Ph.D., December 2006
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "Analysis of peptide: MHC II complex production by dendritic cell subsets in skin-draining lymph nodes reveals multiple mechanisms of adjuvant action"
Position: Clinical Trial Manager, Coloplast, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Fortman, Clem, Ph.D., July 2006
Advisor: David Sherman
Thesis: "Cloning and Characterization of the Bafilomycin Biosynthesis Pathway from Streptomyces lohii"
Position: Program Director for Security Engagements, Engineering Biology Research Consortium, Emeryville, CA

Hataye, Jason, Ph.D., July 2006
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "Cell Competition for Survival and Proliferation Resources Defines the CD4+ T Cell Niche, a Platform for the Maintenance of Antigen Receptor Repertoire Diversity and the Generation of Memory"
Position: Physician-Scienteist at NIH/NIAID, Washington, DC

Mueller, Kristen, Ph.D., June 2006 
Advisor: Yoji Shimizu
Thesis: "Regulation of Antigen-Dependent T Cell Interactions with Antigen Presenting Cells and T Cell Activation by the Adapter Protein, ADAP"
Position: Senior Director, Scientific Program, Melanoma Research Alliance, Washington, DC

Ogilvie, Rachel, Ph.D., June 2006
Advisor: Paul Bohjanen
Thesis: "Tristeteraprolin regulates gene expression in T lymphocytes"

O'Shaughnessy, Matthew, MD/Ph.D., June 2006
Advisor: Bruce Blazar
Thesis: "Novel molecular strategies for prevention of graft-versus-host disease by ex vivo tolerance induction"
Position: Urologist, New York, NY

Hess, Donavon, Ph.D., May 2006
Advisor: Carol Wells
Thesis: "Staphylococcus aureus Interactions with the Intestinal Epithelium"
Position: Assistant Professor, Pediatric General and Thoracic Trauma Medical Director
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Chandler, Josephine, Ph.D., May 2006
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Control of Endogenous Sex Pheromone Signatling in Enterococcus faecalis"
Position: Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biosciences, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Hau, Heidi, Ph.D., May 2006
Advisor: Paul Bohjanen
Thesis: "TTP-mediated Decay of AU-rich containing mRNAs"
Position: Director, Technology Expansion at Rebiotix Inc., a Ferring Company, Mpls/St. Paul, MN

Mick, Verity, Ph.D., March 2006
Advisor: Kristin Hogquist
Thesis: "The Molecular Events of T Cell Positive Selection in the Thymus"

Lephart, Paul, Ph.D., March 2006
Advisor: Paul Magee
Thesis: "Analysis of the Role of the Major Repeat Sequence in Chromosome Dynamics in Candida albicans"
Position: Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Associate Director, Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, Department of Pathology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Kahler, Rachel, Ph.D., February 2006
Advisor: Jennifer Westendorf
Thesis: "The Role of Lymphocyte Enhancer-binding Factor 1 (Lef1) in Osteoblast Differentiation"
Position: Patent Agent, General Mills, Minneapolis, MN

Chen, Yuqing, Ph.D., January 2006
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Characterization of the Lactococcus lactis Plasmid pRS01 Transfer Region: Expression and Splicing of A group II Intro and Protein-DNA Interactions During Plasmid Transfer"
Position: Research Associate, Microbiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Liu, Jiabin, MD/Ph.D., December 2005
Advisor: Tim Behrens
Thesis: "Conserved Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Pathways in Murine Models"
Position: Anesthesiologist, Hosital for Special Surgery, New York, NY

Magarvey, Nathan, Ph.D., September 2005
Advisor: David Sherman
Thesis: "Identification and Accession of Novel Sources of Microbial Natural Product Diversity"
Position: Associate Professor, Department Of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Eckfeldt, Craig, Ph.D., August 2005
Advisor: Catherine Verfaillie
Thesis: "Discovery and Functional Analysis of Novel Determinants of Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Function"
Position: Assistant Professor, Hematology, Oncology and Transplant, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Goetz, Christine, Ph.D., June 2005 
Advisor: Michael Farrar
Thesis: "Regulation of B Lymphocyte Development and Lineage Commitment by the Ras and STAT5 Signaling Pathways"
Position: Scientist, Bio-Techne, Minneapolis, MN

Pragman, Alexa, Ph.D., May 2005
Advisor: Pat Schlievert
Thesis: "Studies on the Staphylococcal Respiratory Response (SrrAB) and its Role in Staphylococcus aureus Virulence Factor Regulation"
Position: Staff Physician, Minneapolis VA Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN

Staddon, Jack, Ph.D., May 2005
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Identification and Genetic Characterization of a Group II Intron Insertion Site and Origin of Transfer Region in the Enterococcus faecalis plasmic, pCF10"
Position: Physician, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Billings Clinic, Billings, MT

Kozlowicz, Briana, Ph.D., March 2005
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "The molecular mechanism and peptide signaling response of PrgX used to control pheromone-induced conjugative transfer of pCF10"
Position: Microbiome Program Manager, Cargill Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Smith, Jennifer, Ph.D., March 2005
Advisor: Leslie Schiff
Thesis: "The regulation of translation in reovirus-infected cells"
Position: Deputy Director, ICCB-Longwood Screening Facility, Boston, MA

Golden, Joseph, Ph.D., March 2005
Advisor: Leslie Schiff
Thesis: "Cellular and Viral Determinants of Mammalian Reovirus Uncoating"
Position: Principal Investigator (Contractor) at Ke'aki technologies at USAMRIID, Washington, DC

Heggem, Michael, M.S., July 2005
Advisor: Christopher Pennell
Thesis: "Heat shock protein immune receptors"
Position: Associate Group Leader, PPD Pharmaceuticals, Richmond, VA

Maher, Diane, Ph.D., December 2004
Advisor: Peter Southern
Thesis: "Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Cirus Across Human Mucosal Surfaces"
Position: Staff Scientist Sanford Health, Sioux Fall, SD

Erickson, Heidi, Ph.D., December 2004
Advisor: Christopher Pennell
Thesis: "Novel human ribonuclease-based targeted therapeutics for the treatment of T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia"

Moeller, Stephanie, Ph.D., November 2004
Advisor: Robert Sheaff
Thesis: "Re-evaluating the role of the tumor suppressor p27Kip1 in human cancers"
Position: Clinical Project Manager, Clinical Operations, Health Care Business Group, 3M, St. Paul, MN

Carlson, Corey, Ph.D., November 2004
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "Insertional mutagenesis and tumor modeling in the mouse using the Sleeping Beautytransposon system"
Position: Staff Development Scientist, Manager, Beckman Coulter, Chaska, MN

Mayerova, Dita, Ph.D., September 2004
Advisor: Kristin Hogquist
Thesis: "Mouse model of autoimmune skin disease"
Position: Director, Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Fellowship, Tufts University, Brighton, MA

Vanasek, Tracy, Ph.D., August 2004
Advisor: Daniel Mueller
Thesis: "Cell cycle progression regulates in vivo clonal anergy induction"
Position: Director of Operations, Display Services at RES Pyro, Jordan, MN

Gillespie, Emily, Ph.D., August 2004
Advisor: Tim Behrens
Thesis: "Gene expression signatures in peripheral blood define clinical subsets of SLE"
Position: Principal Clinical Evidence Specialist at Medtronic, Fridley, MN

Harmala, Lisa, Ph.D., July 2004
Advisor: Christopher Pennell
Thesis: "In vivo characterization of the adjuvant effect of mycobacterium tuberculosis Hsp70"
Position: Former Director of Production at Cell Culture Company, Coon Rapids, MN

Linden, Michael, MD/Ph.D., June 2004
Advisor: Brian Van Ness
Thesis: "Novel Targeted Deregulation of Apoptotic and Oncogenic Pathways Leads to B-lymphoid Malignancies in Genetically Engineered Mice"
Position: Associate Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Prlic, Martin, Ph.D., May 2004
Advisor: Stephen Jameson
Thesis: "Regulation of lymphocyte homeostasis"
Position: Associate Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA

RichardsDavid, Ph.D., May 2004
Advisor: Daniel Mueller
Thesis: "Examining the role of foreign-mHAg-specific CD4(+)T cells and foreign-MHC-specific CD8(+) T cells in the development of Obliterative Airways Disease following transplantation"
Position: Head of Immunology, Apogenix GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

Tomich, Mladen, Ph.D., December 2003
Advisor: Christian Mohr
Thesis: "Burkholderia cenocepacia Cable Pili: Identification of the Biosynthetic Locus and Characterization of the Mechanisms of Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Control"
Position: Director, Intelligence & Insight at Prescient Healthcare Group, New York, NY

Perkins, Keith, Ph.D., November 2003
Advisor: Steve Rice
Thesis: "The Activation of a Viral Late Gene by Herpes Simplex Virus Type I"
Position: Sr. Principal Scientist, Medtronic, San Francisco, CA

Morgan, Kelly, Ph.D., August 2003
Advisor: David Largaespada
Thesis: "GM-CSF Signaling and GAP Activity in NF1-Associated Leukemia"
Position: Head of IP and Legal at Arbor Biotechnologies, Boston, MA

Bonnevier, Jody L., Ph.D., August 2003
Advisor: Daniel Mueller
Thesis: "Regulation of Primary CD4 T Cell Cycle Progression"
Position: Manager, Flow Cytometry and Cell Selection, R & D Systems, Minneapolis, MN

Endrizzi, Bart T., Ph.D., August 2003
Advisor: Steve Jameson
Thesis: "The Regulation and Function of KLF-2 in T Cell Biology"
Position: Mohs Surgeon and Dermatologist, Associated Skin Care Specialists, Fridley, MN

Asch, Sarah, M.S., August 2003
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "Characterizing Antigen Presentation to CD4+ T Cells in Non-lymphoid Tissue"
Position: Pediatric Dermatologist at HealthPartners/Park-Nicollet, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Vanderpool, Carin K, Ph.D., July 2003
Advisor: Sandra Armstrong
Thesis: "The Bordetella pertussis Heme Iron Utilization System: Transport and Heme-responsive Gene Regulation"
Position: Professor and Associate Head of Microbiology, Director, Microbial Systems Initiative, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Hartung, Seth, MD/Ph.D., May 2003
Advisor: R. Scott McIvor
Thesis: "Adeno-asociated Virus Vectors Carrying the Human Iduronidase Gene for the Treatment of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I"
Position: Doctor of Pulmonary Medicine, Skagit Valley Hospital, Mount Vernon, WA

Pribila, Jonathan, MD/Ph.D., May 2003
Advisor: Yoji Shimizu
Thesis: "Molecular Mechanisms for the Recruitment andd Retention of Leukocytes in Lymph Nodes"
Position: Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Park Nicollet/Methodist Hospital, St. Louis Park, MN

Valenzuela, Javier, Ph.D., May 2003 
Advisor: Matthew Mescher
Thesis: "The Roles of Interleukin-12 as a Third Signal for Clonal Expansion and Cytolytic Function of Naive CD8 T Cells"
Position: Clinical Research Associate, Houston, TX

Sweeney, Colin, Ph.D., May 2003
Advisor: R. Scott McIvor
Thesis: "Antisense and Drug-resistance Gene Therapy in a Mouse Model of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia"
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, NIH, Washington, DC

Graham, Robert, Ph.D., November 2002
Advisor: Tim Behrens
Thesis: "Localization and Finemapping of Human Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Susceptibility Loci at Chromosome 6p21.3 (The Human Leukocyte Antigen Region) and Chromosome 1q41"
Position: Principal Scientist, Maze Therapeutics, San Francisco, CA

Paustian, Michael, Ph.D., November 2002
Advisor: Vivek Kapur
Thesis:"Identification and Characterization of Iron Acquisition Systems in Pasteurella multocida" 
Position: Self-employed

Waters, Christopher, Ph.D., October 2002
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "Functional Analysis of Asc10, a Pheromone Inducible Surface Protein of Enterococcus faecalis Involved in Conjugation and Virulence"
Position: Professor, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Dylla, Scott, Ph.D., September 2002 
Advisor: Catherine Verfaillie
Thesis: "The Role of Proline-rich Tyrosine Kinase 2 (Pyk2) and its Hematopoietic Isoform, Pyk2H, in betal-integrin
Signaling in Normal and CML CD34+ Progenitor Cells"
Position: Chairman Chimera Bioengineering, San Francisco, CA

Vaessen, Ben, M.S., August 2002
Advisor: Catherine Verfaillie
Thesis: "Gene Expression Analysis of Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells"
Position: GlaxoSmithKline, Pennsylvania

Hodges, Kimberly, Ph.D., July 2002
Advisor: Pat Cleary
Thesis: "The a3b1Integrin and CD46 are utilized in Laminin-mediated Invasion of Epithelial Cells by Streptococcus pyogenes"
Position: Student of Library and Information Science at Dominican, Chicago, IL

Daniels, Mark, Ph.D., April 2002
Advisor: Steve Jameson
Thesis: "CD8 Binding to MHC Class I is Influenced by T Cell Maturation and Glycosylation"
Position: Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Molecular Pathogenesis and Therapeutics Graduate Program, University of Missouri School of Medicine, Columbia, MO

Reinhardt, R. Lee, Ph.D., April 2002
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "In vivo Generation and Migration of Memory CD4 T Cells During the Course of a Primary Immune Response"
Position: Associate Professor at National Jewish Health, Denver, CO

Yarwood, Jeremy, Ph.D., January 2002
Advisor: Pat Schlievert
Thesis: "Environmental regulation of virulence gene expression in Staphylococcus aureus"
Position: Vice President Research and Development, Advanced Sterilization Products, a Fortive Company, Irvine, CA

Ehst, Ben, MD/Ph.D., December 2001
Advisor: Marc Jenkins
Thesis: "Visualization of the Immune Response Against a Skin Graft Expressing a Defined Minor Transplantation Antigen"
Position: Dermatologist, Oregon Medical Research Center, Tigard, OR

Epler, Jennifer, M.S., May 2000
Advisor: Yoji Shimizu
Thesis: "Requirement for ZAP-70 in regulating beta-1 integrin-mediated adhesion in T cells"
Position: Associate Editor, Journal of Science Policy and Governance (JSPG), San Francisco, CA

Parke, Evan, M.S., July 2000
Advisor: Kris Hogquist
Thesis: "Antigen presentation in a CD8 T cell-mediated autoimmune disease"
Position: Attorney and Founder of Parke PLLC, Washington D.C.

Gao, Jimin, M.S., July 2000
Advisor: Vivian Bardwell
Thesis: "Cloning of Human NOT1 and its Potential Involvement in BCL-6 Function"
Position: Enrolled in computer science program, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Fink Jason, M.S., October 2000
Advisor: Tucker LeBien
Thesis: "Examining the changes in gene expression in B-cell differentiation through differential display
polymerase chain reaction"
Position: Protein Assay Developing Biochemist, Zepto Life Technology, Minneapolis, MN

Schmidt, Clint, Ph.D., December 2000
Advisor: Matthew Mescher
Thesis: "Interleukin-12 as an Adjuvant and Activation Signal for CD8 Positive T Lymphocytes in vivo"
Position: Supervisor, Human Cellular Therapy Laboratory Division of Transfusion Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Jiang, Yuehua, M.S., August 1999
Advisor: Catherine Verfaillie
Thesis: "Opposing effects of engagement of integrins and stimulation of cytokine receptors on normal human hematopoietic progenitor cell proliferation"
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Zhou, Liang, M.S., September 1999
Advisor: Gary Dunny
Thesis: "The Bacterial Group II intron L1.1trB: Regulation of its Expression and the Role in Conjugation"
Position: Research Scientist, British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Yue, Shinji, M.S., December 1999
Advisor: Harry Orr
Thesis: "Ataxin-1 Nucleic Acid Interaction"
Position: Channel and Alliance Management, CorTech Labs, San Diego, CA

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