The Committee on Graduate Studies (CGS) administers the policies of the MICaB program, evaluates applications, interviews prospective graduate students, and facilitates the selection process. The CGS serves both faculty and graduate students in the maintenance of academic standards. The CGS meets on a regular basis throughout the year and is chaired by the DGS. The CGS consists of nine MICaB faculty members, three representing each track, as well as two to three MICaB student representatives.  Email: micabcgs@umn.edu

Faculty Committee Members: Matthew Aliota, PhD, Jannell Bazurto, PhD, Kathleen Boris-Lawrie, PhD, Mike Farrar, PhD, Thomas Griffith, PhD, Sara Hamilton Hart, PhD, Kris Hogquist, PhD, Ameeta Kelelkar, PhD (Director of Graduate Studies), Masata Yamamoto, PhD

Student Committee Members: Taylor Crooks, Taylor DePauw, Zak Hying 


The Faculty Admissions Committee evaluates applications from faculty members who have applied to become graduate faculty in the MICaB program.  The committee consists of 6 MICaB faculty members (two from each track) and 3 MICaB students.  Email: micabadmissions@umn.edu

Student Committee Members: Tailor Mathes, Tristan Neal, Hrishi Venkatesh


The Awards Committee evaluates applications from students for a variety of awards. The committee consists of six MICaB faculty members (two from each track) who are selected by the CGS. Email: micabawards@umn.edu


The mission of the MICaB Diversity and Inclusion Committee serves to increase equity and inclusion within the MICaB graduate program.  This committee includes MICaB students and faculty.  The committee is committed to supporting and uplifting underrepresented minorities (URM) and actively combating prejudice and inequity. Email: micabdeic@umn.edu

Faculty Committee Members: Kathryn Fixen, PhD, Kevin Lang, PhD, Vaiva Vezys, PhD, Julia Willett, PhD

Student Committee Members: Brigitte Flannery, Amanda Haeberle, Grant Hickok, Hannah Hillman, Caleb Kim, Nicole Marquez Reyes, Jesenia Perez, Mary Piaskowski, Daniella Vasquez Rico, 


The mission of the MICaB Career Development Committee is to promote education, opportunity, inclusion and excellence surrounding the exploration of available career paths. Key elements include promoting open and candid discussions of career path options, providing a realistic modern-day rationale for choosing a given path that considers both the professional and personal needs of each student, and providing mentorship, resources, and guidance that will equip MICaB students with the best tools and mechanisms to success within a given career path choice. The MICaB Career Development Committee coordinates career development activities within the MICaB program. 

Faculty Committee Members: Alon Herschhorn, Ph.D. (Co-Chair), Roberta O'Connor (Co-Chair)

Student Committee members: Taylor DePauw, Jake Hildebrand, Sookyong Joo, Foster Powers