Healer's Art

Course Director: Jennifer Pearson, MD

  • Large group exercises and small group discussions about the balance between life and death and what roles medical professionals play.
  • Meets off-campus, most likely at a manor in East Duluth.
  • No quizzes and no presentations.

Medical Education Through Diversity and Service (MEDS)

Course Director: Kevin Diebel, PhD

  • Lectures and small group activities where students explore key topics in global and population health.
  • Opportunity to identify and participate in international health experiences in the summer following participation in the course.

Seminars in American Indian Health

Course Director: Mary Owen, MD

  • Two-year elective course, one credit per year.
  • Learn the differences and similarities of medicine in diverse communities, cultures, and the general population.
  • Recognize the importance of and encourage cultural awareness in health care.

Summer Internship in Medicine Program

Course Director: Ray Christensen, MD

  • Offered to first-year medical students (held in the summer between the first and second year.
  • Work directly with hospital/clinic personnel in rural communities.
  • Gain exposure to rural medicine and experience life as a rural health professional.
  • Limited research projects provide another summer experience through this program under the direction of James Boulger, PhD.

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