Anthropologist of Law, Michele Statz, PhD, assistant professor and affiliate faculty with the Law School, was selected by the American Bar Foundation (ABF) to join the 2021-2022 cohort of ABF/JPB Foundation Access to Justice Scholars.

According to the press release, the incoming group features seven scholars who will bring innovative research to help advance access to civil justice. The ABF/JPB Foundation Access to Justice Scholars Program brings together cohorts of faculty scholars from across the nation to support research, provide mentorship and build intellectual relationships. Each cohort serves a 15-month term. The scholars’ work explores critical questions about access to justice for underrepresented groups, including issues such as digital exclusion and bias in virtual court proceedings, the impact of court-ordered debt on access to basics of life such as housing, and rural access to justice.

Dr. Statz will research how socio-spatial dimensions of rural jurisdictions influence access to justice, rights mobilization, and the work of Tribal and state courts in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Congratulations, Dr. Statz!