The Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) features Assistant professor, Dr. Emily Onello on the cover of the winter edition of their quarterly magazine, highlighting her new book, ‘Profiles of Rural Medical Educators.’

This one-of-a-kind resource is authored by Dr. Onello, a Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians member who shares the perspectives of 16 medical school faculty from across the U.S. who are thought leaders in supporting and developing our rural medical workforce. In her interview with MAFP, the book focuses on “profiling faculty that are nearing the end of their careers and have made it their life’s work to address rural doctor shortages. They have much wisdom to share, and this book is meant to serve both as a guide for the next generation of rural medical educators and a resource for rural communities and government policymakers when it comes to addressing rural physician recruitment and retention.” 

The e-book is available online at no cost through the National Rural Health Association Rural Medical Educator GroupPaper reproductions are also available upon request. Please contact Dr. Onello ( for a copy.