Congratulations Clara Smoniewski RRM 2022 Awardee!

Dr. Sara Zimmer and Clara Smoniewski, a PhD candidate in Dr. Zimmer’s lab, participated in the Rustbelt RNA Meeting in Cleveland, OH on October 14-15th. Dr. Zimmer co-chaired the 300-person meeting that drew participants from all over the United States. The conference centers on talks and poster sessions in the hot field of RNA Biology, with a special focus on providing trainees with presentation opportunities. Of the 61 abstracts submitted, only 22 were selected for talks, including Clara’s talk, which was titled “The role of KPAP1 methylation in moderating mitochondrial mRNA 3’ tail addition in Trypanosoma brucei“. Of these 22 talks, three were chosen for awards. Clara was co-awarded “Outstanding Presentation,” the highest award for talks given at the conference. Congratulations Clara!