The Department of Biomedical Sciences core equipment facilities are located throughout the second and third floor of the Medical School or in the neighboring MWAH building. All faculty labs have access to these facilities and the equipment is maintained by the department. Key contact personnel for each piece of equipment are listed. Training for each piece of equipment is required and can be arranged through the PI or lab members. If no one is available, please contact Annette Rod ( to arrange orientation and training.

Shared Equipment Available

Many of our pieces of equipment are shared and available to use by faculty and lab staff. Each piece of equipment listed below is hyperlinked to a document where you can find necessary information.

Standard Equipment:

Liquid Nitrogen 

Specialized Equipment:

Tissue/Cell Prep Equipment:

Quantification, Imaging and Histology:



Zeiss Confocal

EVOS M7000

NIkon Eclipse Ni

Nikon Eclipse TE300

NIkon Tabletop

Flow Cytometry:


Research Infrastructure Manager/Medical School Safety Officer

Microscopy Manager