Yi-Mei (Amy) Yang, PhD,  joined the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus in 2016. Since then, with guidance from her mentors, Drs. Tim Ebner and Bob Cormier, she has established an international professional network of collaborators in the field of cerebellar neurobiology. 

Dr. Yang’s early research was supported by the Wallin Neuroscience Discovery Fund, which enabled her laboratory to generate a substantial amount of preliminary data. Together with her collaborators, Dr. Yang has received five competitive awards in the past four years, one of which is her recent NIH R01 award for “Neurobiology of stress in the cerebellar circuitry.” Since 2016, she has authored 15 research papers, two as first author and nine as corresponding author.

Because she values her own mentors, she is committed to becoming one. She supervised a McNair Scholar and Wallin Education Partner Recipient, Houa Thao, from the College of St. Scholastica in her laboratory in 2021.

Dr. Yang’s experience, with professional mentorship from Dr. Ebner, institutional mentorship from Dr. Cormier, and early financial support from our medical school, is an excellent example of how we can support and advance the careers of our promising young researchers. Congratulations to Dr. Yang on her R01 award!