The Nett Lake Elementary School was invited to the Duluth Campus for a ‘Day of Science’ in October 2023. The visit started at the UMD Planetarium for the showing  “Living in Balance: Anishinaabe Star Knowledge.” After the show, the students were divided into groups. Dr. Lynne Bemis worked with the kindergarten and first-grade students, they explored the solubility of stuff found in the kitchen. Researchers Melissa Cedar and Kate Root completed a catalase experiment using raw chicken liver, raw and cooked potato, grass, and gummy bears with the second and third-grade students. Dr. Sarah Lacher had the fourth and fifth students put on their creativity hats and learn about the inner workings of a cell using their community. The sixth graders explored and saw the effects of hypo- and hypertonic solutions on cells. Afterward, we had lunch together and shared what we learned.